Dear Nurse Jessica,I’m new to being a patient of cannabis, and I would like to know if you have some tips for the game.

By Jessica Ferneyhough | Last updated: December 14, 2021

Welcome aboard, Jackie. Glad to hear you’ve saddled up with this band of cannabis connoisseurs to reconnect with yourself.

Here are some personal tips to utilizing cannabis and getting comfortable with your kit and intake:

  • Get in the habit of charging your vaporizer every time you plug in your phone. Prepack it for the road and put it in your tote bag with your water bottle. Using cannabis is like drinking water, if you’re thirsty, drink! You’re not an addict, you’re human and you’ve finally found a medicine that works so break the stigma and shed the guilt. Just find the right strain for the right timing.
  • If you’re rolling joints, I find having a nice pre-rolled one can make or break the outcome of a day. Don’t compromise on papers, skip the chemicals, buy the pre-made filters and use them. I also keep a small set of scissors in my pouch to cut the burnt tips off my joints. I like to take two or three puffs and light it again later.
  • When it comes to edibles, everyone is different. Remember not to over indulge, the effects can creep in like ninjas wrapped in sugary goodness leaving you couch-locked and immobile in no time. The healthier the infused ingredients, the healthier the high. Personally, I limit myself to raw chocolate and my buzz never fails me.
  • Find a nice box or tin that you can use as your medicine kit and keep it somewhere for routine.
  • Get a journal and start keeping track of which strains you try at certain times and what the overall feeling is like for you.
  • Test particular strains by using one at a time. This is a nice way to ensure you really know what the effect is like and what time of day it would be most applicable for.
  • Get yourself some THC lube. It’s incredible and can be incorporated into your routine the same way your morning face cream is. Put a little on your face, a little on your labia. Make the day a little sweeter.
  • If you’re nervous about trying new strains, hook up with someone you trust and try doing strain and intake testing nights. Bring healthy snacks like a fruit salad, chips and hummus, veggies and some finger foods so you are guilt free about munching into the evening.

Don’t be shy, roll up your sleeves and kick back into cannabis. It’s an interesting dance. Sometimes it’s good to dive in, sometimes it’s best to just have little bits here and there, and at some point you will just want to take a few days off. Enjoy this journey, Jackie, it’s only just beginning.

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Written by Jessica Ferneyhough

Profile Picture of Jessica Ferneyhough

Jessica Ferneyhough, a registered practical nurse, brings a unique approach to care, empowering patients as a medicinal cannabis nurse and horses for healing advocate.

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