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By Chris Bond
Published: January 31, 2020 | Last updated: May 25, 2021 11:38:32
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Key Takeaways

Having a batch of cannabis fail a quality test can result in a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars. But with products Purogen's TheBOX, brought to you by GreenBroz, this doesn't have to be the case. Using organic mold remediation technology, this innovative technology completely purifies the product and gets rid of total loss.

Most consumers of retail cannabis products fail to see the multitude of testing that producers put their products through. This is done either to comply with federal, state, and industry-specific regulations or for their own quality control purposes.


Cannabis producers test batches of their product to detect the presence of mold, yeast and other microbial pathogens that can occur. When a batch of cannabis fails a quality test, the producer must decide to either get rid of that batch and face a total loss or attempt to decontaminate the product to make it safe for consumers by using some form of remediation. Losing a batch due to non-compliance can cost a producer tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, but this does not have to be the case.

Not all remediation processes are created equal. Some producers subject failed cannabis batches to radiation, ozone gas or other damaging methods to ensure product compliance. With TheBOX producers can counteract the occasional bad batch of cannabis with innovative technology.



TheBOX uses organic remediation to ensure that batches are compliant with regulations and that only safe, fresh, and pure products enter the marketplaces. With it, cultivators can revitalize crops that have been impacted by mold or other microbial contamination and create a foolproof solution to a difficult industry problem.

As it's been adapted from the mainstream medical world, TheBOX is an industry-born technology. Alan Novotny, the creator of TheBOX and Founder of Purogen (producers of TheBOX), originally developed and implemented this technology in the medical world, using it to sterilize human tissue for transplanting into the body.


Alan’s previous company, which designed, developed and implemented these machines, obtained the vast amount of medical approvals and certifications needed to bring this technology to market. As a result, it would also quality for any sort of federal testing within the cannabis space if these were to exist today.

Benefits of Using Organic Mold Remediation Technology

Say “goodbye” to common cannabis contaminants such as clostridium sporogenes, geobacillus stearothemophilus, aspergillus, bacillus atrophaeus, and more with Purogen's TheBOX. TheBOX's extraordinary purification power eliminates 600,000 CFU of pathogens. And this, with no impact on cannabinoids, THC, CBD, or terpene levels.



But this is not the only benefit to be gained from adding this product to your side. Besides decontamination, you can use TheBOX to infuse terpenes or simply to rehydrate a batch of cannabis that has become too dry. This is can be achieved because the unique technology of TheBOX opens the cell walls and can infuse either sterile, deionized or RO water as well as vaporized terpenes right into the flower. TheBOX has convenient ports located on the side designed specifically for this purpose.

Ease of Use

Place your cannabis flower into a PuroGent™ bag and put that bag into TheBOX chamber. Once the chamber is sealed, enter the batch information on the user-friendly screen and click “go”. TheBOX does the rest!

It works by using a vacuum pump to create an equivalent amount of pressure and a nearly identical environment found in space. At that pressure, the PuroGent™ bag becomes permeable so that Reactive Oxygen (created by GreenBroz's premier partner Purogen) can penetrate the bag.

The Reactive Oxygen is placed in TheBOX in a separate compartment. Upon pressurization within the chamber, the Reactive Oxygen penetrates the flower within the bag, eliminating the contaminants that caused the need to be remediated in the first place.

TheBOXLess than twenty-five minutes later, you have a bag of totally clean flower ready to be retested for purity. Or, you can send it right on to the consumer, resting assured that it is clean (if not cleaner) than any product that did not require remediation. Because the PuroGent™ bag is not permeable at regular atmospheric pressure, there is no risk of recontamination once it has been removed from the chamber.

Up to five pounds of product can be treated at a time! There is no other product on the market that produces as safe and clean a result as TheBOX. Other products use harmful surface treatments, UV lights, radio waves, and even microwaves.

It operates on the molecular level utilizing technology from the medical world, the same technology which has been in place for over two decades to sterilize human tissue and ligaments prior to transplant. As an industry-born machine, it sterilizes the harvest and ensures that all health standards are passed. The great part about it is that this assurance covers both current regulations and those that are bound to come into effect in the future.

Changing Standards

As cannabis regulation continues to evolve, products such as TheBOX are sure to become the industry standard. By using TheBOX, not only will cultivators know their flower will pass, but their clients and end-users will also know that the flower they are consuming is safe.

Join top cultivators in Colorado, California and other areas around the country with stringent cannabis standards by investing in TheBOX as it's one of the best products on the market for cannabis remediation. Check out TheBOX for more information on the Mold to Gold Process and machine specs.


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Written by Chris Bond | Certified Permaculture Designer, Nursery Technician, Nursery Professional

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