I stressed my plants too much and now they are full of seed sacs. Will my buds be any good?


I have two plants. I stressed them too much and now they are full of seed sacs in Week 10 and the big bulbs are now going to seed. I’m going to harvest before they get seeds in them, but will my buds be any good?


Thank you for your question. I gather that one or both of your plants started as female, but, in the flowering cycle, one or both produced pollen. In the cannabis world, this phenomenon is commonly referred to as a hermaphrodite. A hermaphrodite cannabis plant is a plant that started as a female but ended up producing some male parts. Cannabis plants are special for many reasons. One reason they are different from many other plant species is because they are dioecious. A dioecious plant has either male or female reproductive organs. In other words, there are separate male and female plants. The vast majority of plants are monoecious; meaning both male and female reproductive organs are found on a single individual.

A dioecious plant can sometimes mutate into a hermaphrodite and, in the case of marijuana, ends up creating seeds in female flowers. In some cases, this happens very late in the flowering stage and the seeds have little time to develop. Cannabis plants, on average, take about eight weeks to complete their flowering cycles. Whether or not a grower should try to harvest before the seeds become too developed will depend on when during the flowering cycle the seed sacs started to form. If the cannabis flowers were already mature when the seed sacs first developed then, by all means, harvest before the seeds develop further. However, even if the seeds started to develop in the earlier stages of flowering, a grower will still be able to salvage the crop by letting the plants continue to create seeds as they mature.

Although not as desirable as sinsemilla (seedless female flowers), flower product from a seeded crop will still produce a “high” for users. This may date me, but I will admit I purchased many bags of “brick” weed that was supposedly from Mexico. It became a ritual to meticulously sort out the seeds and stems. My point is, the stuff, even though it was full of seeds, still worked its magic. That being said, it is no fun to smoke seeds so you will want to remove them from the rest of the flower material before lighting up. Though not as potent as sinsemilla, the remaining flower material can still be potent. Another option is to use the seeded flower material for making extracts. Many types of cannabis extracts can be made with seeded flower material. I hope this answers your question.

Keep on Growing,
Lee G. Lyzit

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Written by Lee G. Lyzit

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