Hello, I recently found a single seed in a bud of Vanilla Kush from a local dispensary. My question is, is that a female seed automatically, or is it 50/50 that it could be a male? I plan to plant it in a single grow. Just curious about finding a single seed in a bud. Thank you. — Regards, John

By Adam Scavone | Last updated: December 15, 2021

cannabis seed on the plant


Thank you for your question. When a single seed shows up in a bud it is usually the result of a stressed female plant that, in a last-ditch effort, created a pollen sac to pollinate herself. Breeders actually use this process (what they call rodelization) to produce female seeds. The self-pollinated seeds receive both sets of genes from the same female plant which means all resulting seeds will be female. In most cases, if the female plant is pollinated by a male plant, more than one seed would develop. Although I can't tell you with 100 per cent certainty one way or another, I would guess the seed you found is a result of the female plant pollinating herself and that your seed is feminized. Hope this helps.

Keep on Growing,

Lee G. Lyzit

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Written by Adam Scavone | Compliance Director

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Adam Scavone is general counsel and compliance director for North Coast Testing Laboratories, LLC, a licensed Ohio medical marijuana testing facility, and North Coast Analytical Laboratories, LLC, an Ohio hemp testing facility.

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