Today’s modern garden industry has opened up a world of opportunities for a generation of growers looking to grow their own without breaking their backs over a soil patch, and without constantly worrying about irrigation schedules.

We're talking about how far hydroponics has come in the last two decades. Because of the effective, affordable options now available for hydroponics equipment, almost anyone can grow their own food and medicine indoors with ease and within a reasonable budget.

Of course, hydroponics has also seen a rise in commercial production facilities, many of which are sharing their progress and grow tips with the world on social media.

This is why Maximum Yield has compiled a list of the Top Twitter Feeds published by hydroponic growers. Here's your chance to read up on the latest hydroponics tips and tricks from the best growers in the field.

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Hydroponics: Top Feeds to Follow on Twitter

I Grow Hydroponics

I Grow Hydroponics tweets about its plant growing systems and supplies store for your home garden and grow room needs.

Green Coast

Green Coast is So.Cal's premier hydroponics store providing the best hydroponics systems and supplies with expert staff to answer all of your tough questions.

Holland Hydroponics

Holland Hydroponics and its team behind the success of its four stores has 20 years of hydroponic equipment and nutrients advice that they share almost daily.

Hydroponics Easy

Hydroponics Easy tweets out detailed information about hydroponics systems that you can easily do yourself.

Nor Cal Aquaponics

Nor Cal Aquaponics are the original permaculture-based aquaponics specialists that are devoted to Closed Loop Aquaponics training, designing, and consulting.

Nelson + Pade

Nelson + Pade offers complete aquaponic systems, growing supplies, project planning and training and workshops.

Hydroponic Wars

HydroponicWars is an American reality series based on the Bay Area Hydroponics industry.

UT Plant Doctor

UTPlantDoc is Alan Windham, a Professor of Plant Pathology with UT Extension, MS State Univ & NC State alum.

Current Culture

Current Culture H2O sells unique hydroponic systems and are Cultivating the Hydroponic Evolution. Their pics and tips are sure to inspire. Plenty more from them on Instagram, too!

Plantwell Hydroponics

Plantwell Hydroponic are suppliers of hydroponic equipment who tweet often about how to use the products they carry.

General Hydroponics Europe

General Hydroponics Europe are manufacturers of fertilizers, additives, and growing systems for hydroponics. GHE is the leading innovator in the field of hydroponic technology worldwide.

General Hydroponics

General Hydroponics for more than 25 years have striven to Bring Nature and Technology Together through their nutrients, fertilizers, additives, and growing systems.

Bright Agrotech

Bright Agrotech are global leaders in vertical farming equipment design and technology, which is based on hydroponic technology. Follow them for daily tips on perfecting your systems.

Hydroponics Inc.

Hydroponics Inc. is a full service hydroponics and organics shop in California with an incredibly knowledgeable staff that will help guide you on your way to success in the horticulture industry.

HG Hydroponics

HG Hydroponics is the UK's No.1 mail order advanced gardening store with 10,000 products in stock. Their large following look forward to daily tweets about their products and how to use them.

Epic Gardening

Epic Gardening is a blog written by a true hydroponics expert who also showcases his skills on YouTube and Instagram.


Botanicare is dedicated to providing superior products, expert advice and support to help growers produce better crops, mainly by using hydroponics!

Grow Aquaponics

Grow Aquaponics posts regular tips and tricks pertaining to aquaponics systems, components, and techniques.

The Aquaponic Source

The Aquaponic Source team are also an experienced resource for everything you need to grow fish and plants together.

Hydroponics: Top Feeds to Follow on Twitter

Horizen Hydroponics

Horizen Hydroponics offers top quality indoor growing equipment coupled with expert knowledge on the best practices for indoor grows. Since 1999.

How to Hydroponics

How to Hydroponics Here you can learn about hydroponic systems and how to build them. You can even watch free online videos to give you tips and ideas about how to start your own hydroponic system.

Hort Americas

Hort Americas provides information for those interested in hydroponics, urban agriculture, vertical farming, and the production of local food.

Joe Swartz

Joe Swartz is the vice president or American Hydroponics and a hydroponic growing consultant with 32 years (and counting!) of professional commercial hydroponic growing experience.

Hydroponics Easy

Hydroponics Easy shares detailed information about hydroponics systems that you can easily do yourself.

Hydroponic Life

Hydroponic Life is teaching the world to grow hydroponically. They produce fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, & flowers via their parent company OnDemandFarms.

American Hydroponics

American Hydroponics highlights and shares their hydroponic productivity and services that make a difference.


HortiDaily features many hydroponic greenhouses in its feed. For global greenhouse news, no one beats HortiDaily’s timely investigative stories and interviews.

Hydroponics: Top Feeds to Follow on Twitter


Grozine is a leading hydroponics & urban agriculture magazine featuring original information, research, images, and more.

Urban Gardening Guys

TheUrbanFarmingGuys Interests: Urban Farming, Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Alternate Energy, Sustainable Community, Permaculture, Gardening, Chickens, Aquaculture, Tilapia.

Garden Culture Mag

Garden Culture Mag is a magazine dedicated to the art of growing food. Focuses on growing in a challenging location, progressive growing techniques, and today's social issues.

Everest Fernandez

Everest Fernandez is the talented grower behind Just 4 Growers, a highly viewed and highly useful YouTube channel about hydroponic growing.

Hydro Mag

Hydro Mag is a print hydroponics magazine based in the UK. Follow them for tweets to their latest content.

Indoor Ag-Con

Indoor Ag-Con hosts events about indoor agriculture, as well as growing in warehouses, greenhouses, and shipping containers using hydroponic, aquaponic, and aeroponic tech.