How Can Mobile Apps Help with My Cannabis Garden?

By Kent Gruetzmacher
Published: April 25, 2022
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Key Takeaways

Over the last decade, indoor garden technology has made incredible strides. As widespread cannabis legalization has occurred in conjunction with a massive increase in vertical farming operations, tech companies have taken notice of the CEA space.

Over the last decade, indoor garden technology has made incredible strides. As widespread cannabis legalization has occurred in conjunction with a massive increase in vertical farming operations, tech companies have taken notice of the CEA space.


While indoor gardening as a practice is intrinsically bound to equipment, only recently have manufacturers started to integrate these systems with mobile technology. This shift only makes sense in the world of today as people use cellphones for just about everything. Whether it be checking your bank account balance or answering work emails, smartphones and tablets have quickly become a part of our daily lives.

With so many advancements in mobile technology, it only makes sense to use these tools as help for growing cannabis. From monitoring the conditions of your grow tent to getting expert advice for garden troubleshooting, mobile apps can help with your indoor garden in a variety of ways.


Mobile Apps for Cultivation Equipment

Increasing numbers of hydroponic equipment companies have begun integrating their systems with mobile apps. In doing so, they have created robust platforms that offer even small, hobbyist growers precision control over their gardens.

A great example of a mobile app that integrates with CEA equipment is the AC Infinity app. By using this app in conjunction with an AC Infinity controller such as Controller 69, home growers get access to precision technology previously reserved only for commercial producers. With this integration, you can track complex readings like vapor pressure deficit (VPD) in a timeline graph on your mobile phone. You can also set alerts for anomalous activity in your grow tent – such as large spikes in temperature and humidity levels.

CEA equipment manufacturers have also developed apps that integrate with LED lighting. With such systems, you can monitor the performance of your LED lights from afar and make any necessary tweaks to light output that your garden might require.


gardening app

Garden Management Mobile Apps

Garden management apps are those applications that help growers plan their operations and troubleshoot sick crops. While some of these apps are designed by substrate companies and nutrient businesses, they are not generally linked to any specific technology. Rather, they provide information on important things like nutrient feeding schedules and pathogen identification.


Grow Buddy is a comprehensive cannabis cultivation app designed specifically for home-based, hobbyist growers. Importantly, Grow Buddy helps you track every important piece of information having to do with your cannabis garden, from propagation to harvest. With grow buddy, you can track when you accomplish important tasks like feeding and set reminders for less ordinary chores like pruning.

Other more robust garden management apps help commercial producers boost efficiency in the workplace while also remaining compliant. Notable commercial garden management apps include Trym and Canix.

Top Benefits of Cultivation Apps

Whether you are a hobbyist grower or commercial producer, mobile apps can be extremely helpful with managing your garden. From apps that integrate with cultivation equipment to those that help better manage your grow, this tech is engineered to help alleviate many of the pain points faced by indoor cannabis cultivators.

Increased Security

Due to security concerns, home-growers have traditionally been hesitant about leaving home for extended amounts of time. While some cultivators might be concerned about someone breaking in and stealing their crop, others are simply worried about equipment failure or similar malfunctions.

Mobile apps alleviate much of the stress that comes with leaving your garden unattended. Whether it be keeping an eye on your plants with a camera, or checking humidity and temperature levels from afar, this new tech goes a long way in easing the stress for modern growers.

cannabis grow app on a mobile phone

Expert Advice

Cannabis growers were very limited in their data sources during the days of prohibition. Prior to legalization, the only places to turn for grow consultation advice were books, magazines, and other illegal growers. Today, things are much different.

There are a number of mobile apps on the market today designed specifically to help you troubleshoot your cannabis garden. For example, GrowDoc helps people identify the problems behind sick cannabis plants. With this platform, you can actually take a picture of your struggling crop and it will tell you what is wrong.

Tracking Data Metrics

One of the biggest ways that mobile apps have revolutionized the indoor gardening industry is with data metrics. When integrated with environmental controllers, mobile apps can keep track of environmental conditions from propagation to harvest. In turn, you can use this data to make informed decisions on future crops.

If your last harvest was noticeably larger than your previous harvests, take a look at your stored data metrics for standout differences. In this example, you might discover that having a slightly higher pH in your irrigation water made all the difference for growing a larger crop.

Increased Flexibility

For indoor cannabis growers who produce harvests all year long, the loss of flexibility in your travel schedule can be a real inconvenience. In these situations, you almost always have to stay close to home to care for your cannabis plants.

Having a mobile app that gives you critical information about environmental conditions can provide serious flexibility with your travel schedule. To illustrate, the integration of the AC Infinity app with Controller 69 allows you to manage your garden environment from afar. If you notice that it's getting too hot in your grow tent, simply turn up the exhaust fan speed from your mobile app!


It can’t be denied that mobile technology is a critical part of our daily lives. Whether it be doing video calls for work, or booking a ride to the airport, mobile technology is here to stay. As the cannabis space grows increasingly sophisticated through legalization, we will no doubt see more applications of mobile tech in the industry of the future.

Whether you are a hobbyist grower or a commercial producer, mobile apps are quickly becoming indispensable tools in the modern cannabis space. While learning this new tech might seem overly time-consuming to some people, it's important to remember just how lucky we are to have so much information at our fingertips today. There is no doubt that growers had to work much harder to learn their craft when cannabis was still illegal.

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