When did you discover you were funny?

My earliest memory of making other people laugh was in elementary school. My teacher would say, “Once you go to middle school, they’re really going to throw the book at you!” Whenever the teacher would say that, I’d dive under my desk to avoid the dreaded book throwing, only to surface to my classmates laughing.

Describe your style of comedy.

Honest, dark and personal. Occasionally someone will call me smart or deadpan. I like talking about my personal experiences because it is more relatable. I’ve always thought that if I can make people laugh and think simultaneously, I’ve done my job.

What else inspires your material?

Being uncomfortable. Around five years ago, I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and major depressive disorder, which isn’t nearly as fun as it sounds. I like to think this gives me a different perspective than most people. I take great amounts of joy in being the guy who pisses on the parade.

Do you have a regular gig in Vegas?

I wish! Aside from the occasional showcase show, it’s just open mics for me. I just played The Inspire Theater, and Flappers in Burbank, California, has been extremely kind to me as well.

You describe yourself as a stoner. Do you like to get high before performances?

I love getting high before a show, but I’m still on the fence about the whole thing. I did two shows back-to-back once, one high, one sober. I swear to this day my sober performance was better, but it’s hard to say. Sometimes weed can make me nervous or anxious.

Would you describe yourself as a marijuana activist?

I was straight-edge most of my life. I went to D.A.R.E. after school and thought stoners and drinkers were losers. I began smoking marijuana on my 24th birthday and haven’t looked back. My girlfriend, Rene, and I are even getting married on 4.20. I’m not in the trenches like many activists, but I have no difficulty voicing my opinions. Marijuana should be legalized across the globe, taxed and kept out of the hands of corporations. The last thing we need is Wal-Mart or Malboro killing small businesses by selling generic garbage.

Highest Comic Standing: Ryan Bourassa

How’s your Wake N Bake show on Periscope going?

Rene and I frequently watch Getting Doug with High on YouTube and figured that since we smoke weed anyways, we might as well have people join us. To my amazement, it’s been a complete blast. Aside from smoking weed with people around the world, it’s also become a great way to get me out of my shell. We smoke around 8 a.m. and chat with viewers. I like to call it the Stoner Friends Simulator.

When are we gonna see you on Last Comic Standing or America’s Got Talent?

I auditioned for AGT in 2014 and have emailed LCS three times. Spoiler alert: neither worked out. I’m only five years in and still have no idea about the business side of comedy. Rumor has it that people can demand certain comics be considered for LCS, wink, wink.

So who thinks you’re funny?

The kind people of the Internet. I once had a Tweet featured on Funny or Die, if that means anything. Audiences seem to like me when I can get them. If I smoke a strong sativa, I think I’m the funniest person in the world.

Tell us a couple jokes.

Let me first say this may not go over as well in text form…

“I once dated a girl who asked me to put my penis in her ear. When I asked her how it felt, she said, ‘What?’”


“I told my shrink that sometimes people don’t laugh at my jokes and she gave me Zoloft. I said, ‘Great! How do I get them to take it?’”

Any guilty pleasures?

Fallout 4, and watching Ghost Adventures with Rene. It’s one of the dumbest things on television and promotes ignorance, but I get so much pleasure from watching bros stumble around in the dark yelling about ghosts that aren’t ever there.

Any parting thoughts?

Remember kids, it’s OK to be gay or trans-gendered. Talk to someone about it. Talk to someone if you’re depressed. Stay away from religion by any means necessary. Don’t eat the whole edible if it’s your first time. Quit smoking cigarettes. Don’t vote for Donald Trump. I love most of you.