Hundreds of modern growing experts will be set up in San Jose for the GrowX Modern Growing Conference + Expo to showcase the latest technology and cutting-edge products that are now available to indoor farmers and urban gardeners.

Maximum Yield has compiled a list of social media feeds to follow based on who will be exhibiting at the show and what they will be offering. Leading up to the show, many of these companies will be tweeting out contests and special offers that will be open to GrowX attendees.

We suggest that if you’re not yet following these people on social media yet, you should start! In addition to seeing what’s going on leading up to the show, and learning about available give-aways and upcoming promotions, you’re also get plenty of modern gardening tips and learn new tricks from the best growers in the field. For a full list of GrowX Exhibitors, visit


Technology to help you grow. Agrowtek offers environmental and hydroponic control solutions for the indoor gardener. Better results start with better control.

Allstate Garden Supply

Allstate Garden Supply offer flexible distribution programs with friendly services to hydroponics retailers in the US as well as manufacture brands like DigiLamp, EnergyStation, Plantmax, and UltraGrow.

Apera Instruments

Apera Instruments have been providing reliable and affordable solutions for scientific electro-chemical analysis since 1991.


Arborjet’s defense system for your plants includes products for insect control, fungus control and water management, perfect for hydroponics, landscapes and nurseries.


Atami BV has been busy formulating nutrients since 1997 to compose the best for your crop. By continuously testing and improving its products, Atami can meet high quality standards.

Beneficial Biologics

Beneficial Biologics are the makers of specialty bio-fertilizers and amendments that use biology to maximize plant health and productivity.

Bio Nova Nutrients

Since the early nineties Bio Nova presents itself as a producer of supreme quality fertilizers for all kinds of growing and flowering plants.

Bluelab Corporation Ltd.

Bluelab manufactures nutrient solution testers and accessories for easy monitoring of hydroponic crop success.


The Global Leader in 2-Way Humidity Control for cigars, musical instruments, food packaging, medical devices, medical cannabis, and more. Formerly Humidipak.

Bridgewell Agriculture

Trusted by certified organic growers, Bridgewell’s PAR4® Natural Fertilizers are a meal-based blend of animal and plant proteins plus important soil nutrients. PAR4 products are low in heavy metals and free of pathogens and contaminants.


BudBox Grow Tents are among the highest-quality grow tents available. BudBox has been manufacturing and supplying the highest-quality, tried, tested and trusted grow tents since 2002.

Budmaster LED

Budmaster Horticultural LED Lamps are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Centurion Pro Solutions

CenturionPro Solutions provides the world's leading trimming machines for indoor-grown crops.

Dab Pumps

DAB PUMPS has been operating in the water technology sector for over 40 years. We are a leading European water tech company that is happy to be in the US now.

Danner Manufacturing

Since 1934, Danner Manufacturing has been improving the art of fluid motion.

Dimlux Lighting

Adaptable and energy efficient grow lights that help indoor growers save money on energy bills and get the flexibility needed for different grow needs.

DL Wholesale

DL Wholesale is a wholesale supplier for the hydroponics industry. We are committed to providing the highest quality products at the lowest prices.

Dr. Earth

Dr. Earth’s mission is to support organic gardeners, and they’ve been at it for more than 23 years.


Dyna-Gro has 35 years experience developing the most concentrated and complete one-part plant nutrients on the market. Kick your plant’s root growth into high gear.

Excel Air Systems

Excel Air Systems manufactures mission critical air systems for numerous markets such as technology, agriculture, disaster relief, exploration and event service.

EZ-Clone Enterprises

As an aeroponic cloning system manufacturer, EZ Clone encourages growers to push the limits to produce high-quality yields.

Futurola USA

Innovative accessories company providing everything you need to enjoy your yields.

General Hydroponics

A leading innovator in the field of hydroponics with factories in North America and Europe, General Hydroponics was founded over 35 years ago and continues to strive for quality, simplicity, innovation, and a sustainable future.

Gorilla Grow Tent

Tallest, Thickest, Strongest Grow Tents on the market today. Extend your grow tent up to 10 feet to maximize yields. Grow Strong. Grow Gorilla.

Green Diamond Stonewool

Green Diamond Stonewool offers a variety of stonewool types and sizes, including blocks, slabs, and loose varieties. Stonewool is known for its water retention, aeration properties, and sterile environment.


Grodan rockwool is a soilless, inert media made from spun volcanic rock that gives plants the ideal conditions they need to grow to their fullest potential.


Growlink builds well-designed, tightly integrated hardware and software that allow you to see, monitor and control your grow operation from anywhere.

Growth Science

Growth Science Nutrients have been designed with you, the grower, in mind. We combine the highest quality raw materials into highly concentrated, easy to use, products designed to help you to achieve maximum results.

Hanna Instruments

Hanna Instruments is a world-leading manufacturer of scientific, analytical instrumentation for a variety of applications.

Heavy 16

Heavy 16 blends complex formulas into potent and concentrated plant nutrients designed to produce professional grade, artisan quality crops.

Heavy T’s Grow Show

Heavy T’s Grow Show has been called the only gardening podcast that gives away thousands of dollars a week of FREE gear from the top names in the industry.

High Caliper Growing

From High Caliper Growing, Smart Pots are unique fabric containers for container and hydroponic gardening.

HM Digital

Established in 1987 HM Digital continues to be a worldwide leader in EC, TDS, pH, and ORP water-testing instruments offering handheld meters, in-line monitors, controllers, and accessories.

House & Garden Nutrients

House & Garden Nutrients have been the professional gardener's choice in plant fertilizers for over 20 years. Holland's own, Humboldt grown.

Humboldt County's Own

Humboldt County’s Own started out on a small ranch in the redwood forests of Northern California almost 25 years ago. Now they are dedicated to selling high-performance additives for indoor growers.


We innovate, you cultivate. Leading UK manufacturer and distributor of hydroponic equipment. Winner of the National EEF Manufacturing Innovation Award 2016

Kind LED Grow Lights

KIND LED consulted with hundreds of professional hydroponic and soil growers to rigorously research and develop their their cutting edge LED indoor grow light technology that has since revolutionized the indoor growing industry.

Left Coast Wholesale

Left Coast Garden Wholesale is your source for high-quality hydroponic and garden products.

Mac & Fulton Consultants

Helping keen hydroponics growers find full-time work in the home-growing industry.

Mighty Blend

Mighty Blend is a new and innovative growing media brand available to retail indoor market growers. Made by experts using quality and professional ingredients.

Nanolux Technology

Nanolux Technology is a leading brand of horticultural ballasts. They are a forerunner of innovation and have received more patents than any other ballast brand on the market.

Nutrilife Plant Products

Nutrilife Plant Products is a high-quality manufacturer of plant-improving technologies using Bio-Safe ingredients. Our products benefit all types of growers.

O2 Grow

Increase Your Yields with Oxygen Supplementation. O2 Grow's patented technology elevates dissolved oxygen levels through electrolysis with low-energy requirements.

OCO Labs

The world's first at-home, table-top, supercritical CO2 Botanical Extractor.


Feeding the world fresh, local produce year-round with hydroponics. It's always peak season when you're growing indoors.

Organic Bountea

Organic Bountea is a privately owned company whose aim is to provide high-quality products and growing solutions that promote a bio-organic sustainable approach.

Pacific Grow Supply

Soil and amendments for organic growing. Representing Mission Fertilizer and Sanctuary Soil.

Plug N Grow

Indoor gardening is made simpler with Plug N Grow Controllers. We have been in the industry for more than 15 years; we know what you need!

Pollen Gear

An award-winning product design company that specializes in premium, child-resistant storage. Obsessed with combining function, beauty and quality to create long-lasting quality products.

Power Si

Power Si is the only original patented form of 100% organic Mono-Silicic Acid specifically formulated to be fully stabilized and instantly bio-available. Exhibiting with Rosin Industries & Aura Systems.

Precision Extraction Solutions

Precision Extraction Solutions is the industry leader in closed loop light hydrocarbon extraction manufacturing and innovation.

Primordial Solutions

Primordial Solutions provides natural plant nutrition products that enhance plant quality, vigor and growth while sustaining soil health.


Super killer of super bugs! ProKure Solutions is your one stop shop for disinfecting and deodorizing.


The leading edge growing media of choice for greenhouse growers seeking outstanding results.

Revelry Supply

Revelry Supply’s backpacks and duffel bags encapsulate odors, prevent their escape, and protect the contents inside from water damage.

Royal Gold

Royal Gold is proud to be the first coco-pith-based soil company in the United States.

Safer Brand

Safer® Brand boasts the broadest and most successful line of organic gardening and organic pest control products. We encourage you to live organically!

Sentinel GPS

Sentinel GPS engineers have been designing and manufacturing horticultural products since 1997. We produce the best products - innovative and cost effective!

Shield N Seal

Vacuum sealing for food lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and gardeners. A California-based family business.

SIPCO – Hygrozyme

Hygrozyme’s concentrated enzyme formula is an essential addition to any grow system. It provides a cleaner root zone by accelerating the breakdown of dead root matter.

Spring Pots

The first fabric aeration pot that stands on it's own. Rigid structure means easy transplanting, healthier roots, plants and higher fruit and flower yields.

Sun Power Lighting

Sun Power Lighting indoor grow lights are high quality and offer best-in-the-world performance, especially designed for indoor growers.

Terra Hydro Company

Terra Hydro Company are US distributors of The Air-Pot system, a revolution in horticulture.

The Bucket Company

Creators of the First Planter made with Patent Pending AntiMicrobial Plastic. Proud makers of the Medical Planter and the Ez-Pz Planter.

The Coco Depot

The Coco Depot is a distributor of premium garden and horticulture products, specializing in the design and development of premium, high quality coco-based products for the garden, horticulture, and agricultural markets.

The Triminator

The industries only lube free cannabis trimmer, keeping your buds pure. Triminator trims faster, closer and cleaner for an unrivaled trimming experience.

True Liberty Bags

True Liberty® Bags are resistant to cold, heat, fat, grease, oil, and water. They have an excellent aroma barrier, which makes for a fantastically versatile, all-around home and garden bag.

Ursa LED

Introducing Ursa, formerly known as Starlite-LED. Designed in California. The next stage of LED lighting is here. Ursa represents the next chapter in our story.


Since 1979, Vaportek has been the pioneering force behind essential oil, dry vapor technology. Vaportek’s dry vapor systems utilize natural essential oils to neutralize, not mask, organic-based odors.


Grow cleaner, bigger, and better plants with the complete line of Vegamatrix plant nutrients made by Pure Life Veganix.

Vermicrop Organics

Vermicrop Organics is a dedicated team of plant growth enthusiasts. Vermicrop Organics was formed to continue the development of successful organic gardening.

Vital Garden Supply

Organic Soils, Amendments & Fertilizers, Biological Innoculants, Natural Pest Control & Greenhouse Systems.

Xtreme Gardening

High-performance biology for organic and natural gardening.