5 Steamy Cannabis Strains to Grow in Humid Environments

By Luis Cordova
Published: May 31, 2023
Key Takeaways

The most challenging regions for growing cannabis are those that are hot and humid. These areas are typically tropical or subtropical and require strains that can fight off mold while handling hot temperatures.

If you have ever visited a hot and humid climate, you understand how difficult it can be to stay comfortable. The best analogy I can think of is it’s like having a thick wet wool blanket on your entire body while you walk in full sun. In these regions, we are limited in the strains that will grow well outdoors or in greenhouses. In tropical and subtropical environments, the temperatures can soar to 95°F during the hottest parts of the year. The earliest signs of a heat-stressed plant are slow, stunted, and abnormal growth. Typically, cannabis that can’t adjust to these conditions will have fox-tailed buds and low yields.


While the high temperatures can decrease yields, growers in humid regions will have to deal with molds. Increased humidity can promote molds, mildew, and a variety of pests. In these regions, humidity can range from 50-90 percent throughout the year. Throw some high temperatures on top of all that humidity, and you have a recipe for mold. These regions also can dramatically slow down transpiration, leading to slow growth, stunted plants, and lower yields. Of course, we should check leaf temperatures to stay on our growth track. Luckily, many of the strains available to us for these regions come from East Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Africa, Central America, and South America. Many of these varieties are tall-growing sativas and have great terpene profiles. In humid regions, growers will start seedlings three weeks before the rainy season. As the plant is in vegetative growth during the rainy season, it will begin to flower during winter. In the winter season, the buds will get larger and create powerful terpene profiles. Thanks to many breeders, we are also able to access many hybrids that grow like indica species but have the ability to live in these environments. There are thousands of available seeds for your climate. These are some of my favorite strains for hot and humid environments.

Fast N’ Glorious


Fast N’ Glorious is a sativa-dominant strain used medicinally by many people. The high is long-lasting, allowing for creativity and social interaction. It’s a hardy, fast-flowering variety that does well in humid regions. Its South African genetics allow for huge yields when grown outdoors. Many Mandala seeds strains are cultivated from strong sativas that are world-renowned for thriving in humid environments. Fast N’ Glorious has been refined for outdoor climates in the Northern Hemisphere, although it grows well in subtropical regions. They have crafted this strain to have early onset flowering to deal with changing weather patterns. This exotic sativa has a high calyx-to-leaf ratio that fills quickly with lime-green buds. They love to be topped and grow out wide and bushy when given the right environment. With their natural growth pattern, they can achieve outstanding yields using the sea of green method.

They do well when growing close to each other because of their airy leaf canopy and resistance to mold. They adapt well to extreme conditions and are a good choice for beginners and experts. Anyone can grow stunning crops from this strain while enjoying its minty, herbal, and fruity aroma. With their ease of use in cultivation, they can put out large yields without much effort indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouses.

Athina North Greek Landrace


For thousands of years, Greece has had a cannabis history like no other civilization. Greeks used cannabis, like many other civilizations, to produce hemp fibers, hash, and other products. However, during prohibition, their cannabis community suffered a considerable decline. As a result, they have almost lost their ancestors’ cannabis legacy. But thank the gods of Greece, because a small mountainous village saved some of the last ancient seeds known to man. These seeds were gifted to Tropical Seeds Company and are now available to once again see the sun. Athina North Greek Landrace is thought to have been cultivated on the sloping mountains and valleys of Macedonia. With this region’s mild mountain climate, semi-humid warmth, and hardy winters, it’s a strain to treasure. In this region, rainfall is almost constant throughout the year, which can cause humidity to be 50-70 percent. This cannabis is a hybrid of indica and sativa, which will show in its leaves. This is an exclusive line released by Tropical Seeds and is one worth saving. It has high branch production that will reward you with sativa-like resin-covered buds. Its yield is high while staying compact, like other indica strains. It is not a difficult strain to grow but will require attentive eyes on the lookout for hermaphrodism. The terpene profile will whisk you back in time with its sweet spice aroma and lemonade-hash background. The effect is uplifting with a balanced state of alertness and relaxation. Athina North Greek Landrace is a strain worth conserving and growing for humid environments.

Killer Bees


Killer Bees is a unique three-way cross of Malawi Gold, Northern Lights Haze, and Moonbow #75. This three-way cross resulted in a strain with high resistance to fungi due to its Malawi Gold genetics and an unmistakable fruity flavor. It produces heavy resin-covered buds with fast sativa growth, meaning it loves to grow quick and adapts well to different training techniques. Killer Bees love growing in SCROG and super cropped. It is suited for indoor growing but can grow better outdoors in the correct environment. Its sativa-dominant genetics love outdoor environments that are warm and tropical, with indica-dense flowers. It has a complex terpene profile that combines floral, fruity, and spicy flavors that can have an earthy and sweet background. Killer Bees is a strain that won’t put you to sleep but will keep you up, active, and social.


In the world of cannabis, Pistachio has been described as a unicorn among all the varieties, meaning it is unique and hard to find. Pistachio is a cross of Pistachio with Fortune Cookies. The Fortune Cookies genetics lend it to develop similar to other Cookies-type strains. It has vigorous growth with branches that grow strong and tall. It has stable genetics, meaning it doesn’t have many variations between its phenotypes. Pistachio grows well indoors and outdoors and loves to be trained. It has a high resistance to mold and grows very well in humid environments. It has nutty, diesel hints with a pistachio ice cream undertone. Its high is described as being very relaxing with some creative thoughts. Its indica-dominant genetics make it a go-to for growers who love dense THC-covered buds.

Vietnam Black

Vietnam Black is one of the most elusive cannabis cultivars in the world. It is a pure sativa landrace originating from Vietnam and is regarded as being a-difficult-to-grow strain. This is mainly due to its long flowering time and temperamental nature. Its extreme darkness makes it hard to identify nutrient deficiencies while requiring bright sunlight. Vietnam Black is best grown by experienced growers. It has many traits that Southeast Asian sativas are known for, like extremely tall growth, which can be more than six feet, with many tall side branches and thin narrow leaves. Putting up with these traits will reward you with hues of greenish-black to blue leaves. This plant can really only be appreciated in outdoor grows. It absolutely treasures hot, humid environments and requires adequate watering. Vietnam Black flowers are instantly recognizable with their dark black buds. While not dense, they are typical of sativa genetics with a sweet, spicy, cookie, and earthy flavors. This is one of my must-try and must-grow strains.

When selecting cannabis seeds, it’s important to consider all the variables in your environment. The most important factor will always be what climate you’re growing in. For most people in tropical regions or greenhouses, humidity is the biggest killer of cannabis crops. Whether you’re growing commercially or at home, high humidity breeds fungus. So if you’re growing in these conditions, choose a strain that can not only tolerate heat and humidity, but can also thrive in it.


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Written by Luis Cordova | Plant Biotechnician, Pharmaceutical Scientist

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Luis holds a M.S. in Plant biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Science. He is a long-time cannabis grower He has put his focus on breeding cannabis and development of organic soils for tropical regions. He loves how much the industry has grown and changed. He hopes to pass on new and old knowledge to all growers across the world.

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