Growing Cannabis at Home for Migraine Relief

By Dylan Osborn
Published: September 12, 2018 | Last updated: April 23, 2021 01:02:09
Key Takeaways

Maximum Yield contributor, Dylan Osborn, shares his interview with Heidi, a first-time cannabis grower who began to grow so she could seek pain relief from migraines. While she has had migraines for a good portion of her life, she just recently started using and growing her own cannabis for pain relief.

I recently interviewed a fellow cannabis grower, Heidi, about her chronic migraines and how she uses marijuana to cure them. While she has had migraines for a good portion of her life, she just recently started using and growing her own cannabis for pain relief.


Heidi has chronic migraines which are fueled by her Lyme Disease and has been prescribed all kinds of nauseating medications to help treat that. The meds help somewhat, but the results aren't really worth all the side effects that come along with prescription pills. That is why Heidi was so willing to jump into the growing of cannabis at home when she discovered how much it relieved her pain.

The Pain Relief

Most people who use medical marijuana find that it helps with alleviating pain, and it helps prevent it from coming back as frequently. Heidi has found this to be true as before using cannabis, she was suffering from a migraine for at least two weeks of every month.


Now she has them on occasion, maybe a couple per month. Quite a drastic change and without having to take any sort of pain prescription! The other thing that is great is, if she feels a migraine coming on, she can vape some cannabis and it will quickly cure the headache before reaching its full pain level.

While cannabis is a very reliable medicine when it comes to migraine relief, people have found that the strains that work best vary from person to person. For example, Blue Dream might work perfectly for relieving Kevin’s migraines, but Jenna might find Grape Ape to be best for curing her pain.

From talking to lots of different people who suffer from migraines, it seems that the indica-dominant strains are the ones that work the best. Sativa helps, but indica provides that really strong head relief that you don't get from a sativa.


In terms of consumption methods, it seems like vaping or edibles work best for curing migraines. The theory is that with edibles and vapes you don't cough like with smoking, and the violent head jerk of a cough could worsen a migraine.

For those who don't want the high feeling from consuming THC, there is always CBD-rich strains. CBD has found to work just as well for pain relief, but without any of the other side affects like being high.


Most online seed banks carry CBD-rich seeds, so growing these types of strains at home is no problem. And best of all, you use the same exact steps for growing these types of cannabis plants so it isn't difficult to switch over. Most people who grow CBD-rich strains prefer to make edibles out of them for consumption as it makes for an easy snack you can carry around with you wherever you go.

The Affordable Alternative

Once most people learn about the medical benefits of cannabis, they also learn how expensive it can be. When consuming cannabis for chronic pain, you can easily go through $150 to $200 in a week when buying from a dispensary depending on what you use and how frequently.

This can be a burden for most people and that is why they switch to growing their own cannabis at home. It is extremely inexpensive to do, especially when done outdoors, and the results can be just as good as the dispensary products.

What else is great about growing your own, is it is a very relaxing and enjoyable hobby to have and brings a lot of peace to most people. Another reason a lot of people are starting to grow their own cannabis at home is so they’re guaranteed a safe and quality product.

As the cultivation industry grows, more and more 'BigAg' practices are being introduced into cannabis growing facilities. This includes the use of pesticides, the presence of GMOs, and the selling of products that have fungi and other contaminants left behind.

Studies are showing that a large portion of products sold in dispensaries have harmful toxins left in them. Growing your own marijuana at home prevents this from ever happening as you always know exactly what has been put into your plant from start to harvest.

What’s also great about growing your own is that you can grow a large amount at one time and then save it in long-term storage for later use. This way you don't have to always be growing if you don't want to.

Some people also find it better to grow at different parts of the season when electricity is cheaper or there is more sunlight, so you don't have spend as much money on energy. Not only is it cheap and fun to grow, but it is also easy!

Most first-time growers have a successful harvest when following the proper guides, so it isn't something you have to practice for months on end or work up to. Even Heidi says she just started growing almost a year ago with no knowledge on how to do so, and instantly found she was having success with her plants.

Growing for Relief

After speaking with Heidi and other medical growers, it’s clear how great cannabis can be as a medicine. For migraines it not only alleviates the pain, but it also prevents migraines from happening as frequently! Best of all there really isn't a side effect to using cannabis, except for some grogginess after it has worn off.

Combine using this miracle medicine with growing your own garden of it at home, and you have a match made in heaven. Now you have a constant supply of clean, quality cannabis, and at a fraction of the cost of buying it from a dispensary.

What else is great is you can grow it even if you are a complete beginner with zero knowledge on what to do. The results from your first time won’t be top-shelf, mind-blowing weed, but they will still be great. Imagine having a cure for all your ailments growing right in your backyard, and never having to go to the pharmacy again!


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Written by Dylan Osborn | Greenhouse Grower, Owner of GreenBox Grown

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Dylan Osborn is a greenhouse grower with more than five years of experience. He has a passion for teaching others how they can grow cannabis from the comfort of their home. Dylan is the founder of GreenBox Grown, creator of the most Affordable Cannabis Growing Starter Kits.

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