Tom's Tumble Trimmer

Royal Gold has been leading the coco fiber revolution for over a decade now. With their continued improvements in production technology and increase in already trend setting quality control standards, there has never been a better time to grow with the Gold.

Leading the charge and changing the indoor gardening game, Tupur by Royal Gold is a soilless mix with no rival. This unique blend is unlike the countless coco perlite competitors and reformulated knock-offs, and is nearly impossible to replicate. Royal Gold’s proprietary forest blend is just one of the key factors that make Tupur Humboldt County’s bottled lightening.

The Kings Mix is Royal Gold’s newest addition to their immensely popular product line. It combines peat with their standard formulations and concepts in a plant-in-bag format, a perfect fit for light deprivation, and mixed lighting, indoor or outdoor gardens. Are you Growing with the Gold?

Tom's Tumble Trimmer

Summit Research Tech’s SPD-4 MPD (modified path distillation) is here to change the way we see distillation apparatuses. This all-new short-path technology is tailored for high efficiency/speed second pass refinement.

A new SOP includes heads for the head section, main body section, refinement pass, and refining tails portions. The first path is isolated from all glassware, joints, jackets, etc. It starts in the flask to achieve ultimate heat conductivity. Instead of using the e-vigoreux section and design, it uses a baffled section where the vacuum-encased key sits.

This first path offers a much higher throughput with a variance of how theoretical plates work with this new technology. The second path is isolated and used for upper refinement. Where they join is a discharge and rejection section that isolates both paths. The one-of-a-kind dual vapor paths with independent sections each offer unprecedented technological improvements.

Tom's Tumble Trimmer

Tom’s Tumble Trimmer—the TTT2600 Commercial Trimmer— is a heavy-duty, bladeless trimmer ideal for commercial growers who want to trim with maximum efficiency and minimum waste. The machine’s tumble action does 85 per cent of your trimming, with only touch-ups left and trichomes preserved. This unit trims about 36 pounds per hour, beautifully manicuring five to six pounds at a time per seven-minute cycle.

The powder-coated steel frame with industrial motor is fast, effective, and easy to assemble. Tom’s Tumble Trimmer is covered by a one-year warranty on all parts. It comes with both half-inch and quarter-inch mesh nets that are easy to change. Minimal cleaning needed required.