Grow Tents and Cannabis: How to Get Started

By Luis Rivera
Published: June 16, 2017 | Last updated: July 6, 2021 11:47:01
Key Takeaways

There are many people who want to try growing cannabis at home but are too discouraged by some of the processes involved. Aside from learning how to properly take care of the plant and harvest it, one should also consider the actual growing space.

Cannabis is not the most suitable plant to grow at home and putting in the effort to provide proper conditions can be daunting. Grow tents provide a neat and efficient solution, enabling you to harvest up to 5 ounces a month in at-home conditions.


This number might not be close to a mass production, but it's the best you can get while keeping it simple. Grow tents are affordable and easy to set-up, but there are also benefits related to the growing process itself because a grow tent acts like a separate ecosystem where you control the weather.

Benefits of Grow Tents



Despite being very compact, grow tents can actually provide perfect conditions for your plants and at a great price. A regular tent costs between $70 and $150, whereas if you try to recreate the same conditions with DIY tools it would most likely end up costing more, as you would need to include features such as wall reflectivity, ventilation, light and waterproofing.

Easy Installation

The grow tent takes just a few hours to set-up, including the assembly and other preparations. If you have any experience assembling furniture, this won't cause you any trouble- try to think of it as a wardrobe for growing cannabis.


A well set-up tent stops the strong smell of cannabis and keeps its contents secret. This is a major advantage over simply using a separate room. Also, due to its compactness there are many placement options, enabling you to stash it in the furthest corners of your home. The overall look of most tents is casual and inconspicuous, blending in with the décor.

What Makes Grow Tents so Efficient?

As was noted said earlier, grow tents provide a closed, portable, and controllable environment for growing your plants. One of the biggest benefits of growing cannabis indoors is the separation from weather outdoors. Rain or snow, you have the necessary tools to take care of the crops and create your own sunshine. Let`s go into more details about the features.


Most grow tents have walls that reflect light on the inside and thus increase the overall reach and efficiency of your grow lights.

Compatibility with Other Grow Equipment

Grow tents are specifically designed to be easily used and combined with other devices that are instrumental to the growing process. For example, there are options for hanging fans, venting, or attaching other gear.

No Light Emissions

The tents are designed to keep all the light inside, without any signs of what is being grown. This is great because it provides anonymity but it also benefits the plant because it needs to be kept in darkness at night.

Waterproofing and Easy Maintenance

Most tents are made out of waterproof materials which makes cleaning and maintenance very easy and you can use a regular sponge and soap. This also prevents any irrigation water from leaking onto the floor.

Airflow Improvement

Grow tents are very airtight, which makes air circulation easy to control. Even a single fan guarantees that the air will be fresh enough, while also providing sufficient cooling and carbon dioxide for the plants.

Selecting the Right Tent Size

There are many different models on the market, which makes the choice a bit difficult. Here are some of the key factors you should look for:

Size – Think about how many plants you`d like to grow and how close you need them to each other. The average number is 9-10 plants in a single tent and the most common tent sizes are 2x4 or 4x4 feet.

Ventilation is very important. It's advisable that the model you select has at least two ventilation sockets.

Sturdiness – There is a lot of additional gear that you need to put inside, so the tent needs to be built well in order to support the weight.

Fabric – Needless to say, the fabric is one of the most important components in a tent. Look for tents that are light, waterproof, and if possible, fireproof.

Setting Up the Grow Tent

Here are the basic steps for setting up a regular grow tent:

  1. First, place the tent away from any heat-emitting objects. Also, be mindful not to place the ventilation flaps too close to a wall. After the initial set-up, the tent becomes really difficult to move unless you disassemble it, so choose carefully and consider the surroundings.
  2. Use the straps that come with the tent to position the carbon filter on the backside. Place it so that the opening is facing the ventilation opening.
  3. Attach the wires to the fan with the duct clamps included in the kit and then attach ducting to the opening of the ventilation fan. The arrows on the fans point towards the direction of the airflow. Carefully position the fan in the socket on the roof. Continue by placing the rest of the ducting to the ventilation outlet.

Different grow tent kits have certain specifics, but these are the main steps you should follow.

The next step is to install the grow lights.

Grow Tent Lights

Growing cannabis is a very light-dependent process and you need to be properly equipped if you want decent results. There are many easy-to-setup LED grow lights on the market that are perfect for the job and completely compatible with any grow tent model. However, it is important to consider the size of the lamp compared to the size of the tent. A too big or small lamp would result in issues such as poor vegetation, blooming or plant burns.

Grow tents are a great tool for growing cannabis indoors. They are adequately priced and easy to set up and yield good results, especially when paired with the proper growing equipment such as full spectrum LED lights. In case you're wondering if you should give it a try, it's definitely worth it.


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Written by Luis Rivera

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