The O2 Grow 2120-A Spider delivers oxygen directly at the root in every bucket. This unit was specifically designed for use in deep water culture systems. Each emitter will supersaturate eight–14 gallons of water per bucket. The O2 Grow line of products from the Oxygen Research Group will raise oxygen saturation levels 50 per cent higher than what air stones can achieve. The O2 Grow emitter technology works by electrically separating the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen. The pure oxygen nanobubble is re-absorbed back into the water. Supplemental oxygen is important whether you are growing hydroponically or in soil. Oxygen at the root helps prevent root disease, enhances nutrient uptake, and increases flower and fruit yield. O2 Grow emitters come in a range of sizes able to oxygenate water reservoirs from 10 gallons up to 250 gallons. Spider units are available with either six or 12 emitters. Get out of the Stone Age with O2 Grow.