Current Culture's Under Current systems and Cultured Solutions premium hydroponic nutrients have combined to create a proven production system. Designed for prolific yields, quality, and increased efficiency, the revolutionary Under Current system delivers your best harvest yet. It adapts to all growing applications, from the home grower to greenhouse and commercial operations. Made from the highest-grade greenhouse components, the Under Current system is expandable and accommodates multiple configurations. The revolutionary Sub-Current Culture technology delivers high levels of oxygenated nutrient solution throughout the root zone. Their cup-winning Cultured Solutions premium hydroponic nutrients use the finest materials, resulting in one of the cleanest, pH stable, highly-soluble nutrient lines available. Cultured Solutions nutrients’ complete lineup features VEG A & B, BLOOM A & B, UC ROOTS, BUD BOOSTERS, and COCO CAL. Cultured Solutions works in all types of hydroponic applications.