The industry leading terpene enhancement for over 5 years, Terpinator ® is a specialty nutrient designed with ample potassium and proprietary all-natural ingredients that help encourage terpene and secondary metabolite production in plants. Unlike other flavor and aroma additives, Terpinator brings out the true nature of the terpene profile unique to your cultivar and makes your crop stand out from the competition. Best of all, Terpinator contains no PGR’s and no heavy metals – a must have for cultivators growing at scale.

Users can expect strong, fragrant aromas during fruiting and flowering, as well as an increase in gland sites, terpene concentration, and trichome size – this means an increase in potency, aroma, and bag appeal for your finished product. Terpinator is compatible with any nutrient line and can be deployed in hydroponic, soil, and soilless growing systems with ease. For more information, visit