Ecostadt Technologies' ECOMAX™ 6-1-2 is a vegan organic plant nutrient derived from Neem, a renowned herb that has been a part of traditional natural remedies for almost 5000 years. Neem’s immense untapped potential in plant nutrition and plant health is just beginning to unfold with the recognition of its innumerable benefits. ECOMAX™ is a slow-release plant nutrient rich in protein, carbohydrates, macronutrients and trace micronutrients that not only supports plant nutrition but also improves soil health and provides microbial nutrition. Ecostadt Technologies ECOWORKS EC™ is a 4-in-1 insecticide, miticide, nematicide & fungicide product. Manufactured using 100% high quality Neem seed kernels from selective regions from south India, ECOWORKS EC™ is formulated with cold pressed Neem oil as the active ingredient and food grade formulation inerts. This balanced formulation contains Azadirachtins, hundreds of neem limonoids, fatty acids, esters and synergistic inerts for superior bioactivity.