Today’s selection of grow mediums for modern gardening techniques has opened up a world of opportunities for growers.

Because of the all the variety on the market, there is a grow medium to suit any level of grower.

More and more people are taking up gardening in their apartments, condos, spare bedrooms, and empty warehouses – and all of them are looking for the best grow mediums to suit their budgets, environmental conditions, irrigation methods, and specific crops.

To keep up with such an ever-expanding category in the modern growing industry, Maximum Yield has compiled a list of the Top Twitter feeds published by grow media manufacturers. Here's your chance to read up on the latest grow lighting tips and tricks from the best growers in the field.

With this list, our goal is to provide the most comprehensive list of Twitter accounts published by grow medium suppliers.

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Know Your Grow Media!

Grow Media: Top Feeds to Follow on Twitter

Grow Media: Top Feeds to Follow on Twitter


Grodan rockwool is a soilless, inert media made from spun volcanic rock that gives plants the ideal conditions they need to grow to their fullest potential.

Mighty Blend

Mighty Blend is a new and innovative growing media brand available to retail indoor market growers. Made by experts using quality and professional ingredients.


The leading edge growing media of choice for greenhouse growers seeking outstanding results.

Royal Gold

Royal Gold is proud to be the first coco-pith-based soil company in the United States.

Cornell Soil Health

The Cornell Soil Health Lab is home to the worlds most comprehensive Soil Health Test. Visit our website to learn about our soil testing packages.


FibreDust quality coco coir comes compressed 5 to 1 and is OMRI Listed for organic use.


FoxFarm is a family run business in Samoa, California, producing the finest quality handcrafted natural/organic soils and fertilizers available.

Grow Media: Top Feeds to Follow on Twitter

Premium Soil

Premium Soil is a leader in compost-based soils and growing media, including veggie mix, potting soil, green roof growing media, and structural soil.

Dr. Earth

Dr. Earth organic soils and fertilizers are handcrafted by nature. Grow Without Limits.

Elevation Organics

A premier line of organic soils, fertilizers, and amendments.

SunGro Horticulture

Committed to helping gardeners achieve superior results.


Want higher yields? You need Growstones! 100% recycled, 100% American made. Growstones are made of glass are are reusable.

General Hydroponics Europe

General Hydroponics Europe are manufacturers of fertilizers, additives, and growing systems for hydroponics. GHE is the leading innovator in the field of hydroponic technology worldwide.

General Hydroponics

For more than 25 years, General Hydroponics has striven to Bring Nature and Technology Together through their nutrients, fertilizers, additives, and growing systems. They also have developed a premium line of grow media.


Dedicated to producing quality coir (cocopeat) in an ethical and sustainable manner.


Setting Standards in coir substrates: The first and only manufacturer to be independently certified in Quality, Social (Ethical) & Environmental from A to Z.

Vermicrop Organics

Vermicrop Organics is a dedicated team of plant growth enthusiasts. Vermicrop Organics was formed to continue the development of successful organic gardening. You’ll love their soils!

SoHum Soils

SoHum Living Soil is handcrafted by growers for growers to provide a true living biodynamic soil to be used for container growing indoors & outdoors.

Sunshine Advanced

Sunshine Advanced make premium mixes for indoor and outdoor and container growing, SSA OMRI® Listed premium mixes boost your crop!

Vital Garden Supply

Vital Garden Supply are the manufacturers and suppliers of organic soils, amendments & fertilizers, biological inoculants, natural pest control, and greenhouse systems.

Growers Gold

Growers Gold create indoor/outdoor soilless growing mixes available at Home Depot and Ace, bagged and ready to use in the same formula once reserved for professional growers!

Cosmic Coco Coir

Cosmic Coco Coir is proud to be the pioneers in supplying the highest quality, OMRI-Listed coconut coir products in America.

Grow Media: Top Feeds to Follow on Twitter

The Coco Depot

The Coco Depot is a distributor of premium garden and horticulture products, specializing in the design and development of premium, high quality coco-based products for the garden, horticulture, and agricultural markets.

Green Diamond Stonewool

Green Diamond Stonewool offers a variety of stonewool types and sizes, including blocks, slabs, and loose varieties. Stonewool is known for its water retention, aeration properties, and sterile environment.

Additional Grow Medium Companies to Check Out

Check out more grow medium companies on Instagram:


Plagron is a reliable producer of high quality substrates, basic nutrients and additives. In 25 years Plagron grew into a company that’s on top of the market.


The first hydroponic solutions for craftsmen since 1984. Includes a range of high-quality growing media like coco coir pith, expanded clay, and peat mix.

Gold Label

Gold Label professional substrates and nutrients are the result of both using the finest materials in the market and listening to the feedback from our customers.


Cyco, headquarted in Australia and available around the world, manufacture some of the world's best hydroponic nutrients, additives, and grow mediums.


BWGS wholesales many of the great brands listed here, including CYCO, Growstones, Sunleaves, Botanicare, and FoxFarm grow mediums.


Dutchpro, with products in several countries, are best known for their nutrients, but they have recently developed a versatile line of grow mediums as well.


Riococo Worldwide manufactures 100% organic, coconut coir products that offer plants higher aeration, perfect pH range, and higher yields.

Sanctuary Soil

Sanctuary Soil in California provides premium artisan soil and organic worm castings.

The above social media accounts provide an excellent look into the process behind bringing the industry the best grow media selection possible, including manufacturing, marketing, and more!

Check out the rest of our grow media articles to get tips and tricks for whatever grow medium you're using!