Today’s modern grow lighting technology has opened up a world of opportunities for a generation of growers looking to take their gardening efforts indoors.

Because of the effective, affordable options now available for grow lights, almost anyone can grow their own food and medicine indoors with ease and within a reasonable budget.

More and more people are taking up gardening in their apartments, condos, spare bedrooms, and empty warehouses – and all of them are looking for the best grow lights available, including high intensity discharge options like metal halide and high pressure sodium, LEDs, plasma, induction, double-ended systems, T5 fluorescent, and ceramic metal halide.

This is why Maximum Yield has compiled a list of the Top Twitter feeds published by grow light manufacturers. Here's your chance to read up on the latest grow lighting tips and tricks from the best growers in the field.

With this list, our goal is to provide the most comprehensive list of Twitter accounts published by grow light manufacturers.

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Grow Lighting: Top Feeds to Follow on Twitter

Advanced LED Lights

Advanced LED Lights is a leading supplier of LED Grow Lights in the USA. LED Grow Lights range from 120 to 600W for growing healthy plants indoors.

Allstate Garden Supply

Allstate Garden Supply manufactures brands like DigiLamp, EnergyStation, Plantmax, and UltraGrow.

BlackDog LED

BlackDog LED manufactures innovative indoor grow lighting solutions. Based in Boulder, CO.

Budmaster LED

Budmaster Horticultural LED Lamps are designed and manufactured in the UK.


BWGS is the exclusive USA distributor of big lighting brands like ION, Optilume, Sunspot Lighting, VitaLume, and Predator Lighting.

California Lightworks

California Lightworks provide some of the highest-powered LED grow lights on the market today. Their systems are designed to deliver the highest-quality yields.

CirrusLED GrowLights

CirrusLED Grow Lights manufacture advanced LED grow lights. They started out making regular LEDs for street signage and the like, yet branched out recently. Based in California.

Grow Lighting: Top Feeds to Follow on Twitter

Dimlux Lighting

Dimlux Lighting provides adaptable and energy-efficient grow lights that help indoor growers save money on energy bills and get the flexibility needed for different grow needs.


DormGrow is a direct distributor for the G8LED Lighting Company, which manufactures and tests various LED bulbs, lamps, and grow lights.

Elevated Grow Lights

Elevated Grow Light Systems was created to offer growers an efficient, effective, fully controllable and customizable grow light that will change the way we all grow plants.

Erith Horticulture

Erith Horticulture is a UK distributor of many big indoor growing brands.

EYE Hortilux

EYE Hortilux is a USA based manufacturer of lighting supplies (lamps & ballasts) used for indoor horticulture applications.


Originating in Holland, Gavita is now a global brand of dependable, high-quality lighting systems. Gavita is supported by more than 30 years of horticultural expertise and innovation.

Grower's Choice

Grower's Choice out of Southern California specializes in the research and development of high efficiency and output horticultural lighting solutions.


Heliospectra produces fully controllable LED lights capable of replacing a HPS lamp in a commercial or scientific grow.


Hydrofarm manufactures/distributes lighting systems like the Phantom, Quantum, XtraSun, DigiLux, Agrobrite, Radiant Reflectors, and Daystar.


A leading UK manufacturer and distributor of hydroponic equipment, HydroGarden works with lighting brands like LUMii, Lumatek, Canatronics, Power Plant, EnviroGrow, and Philips.

iUNU Lights

iUNU Lights from Seattle, WA, are advancing horticulture with energy-efficient, high-intensity plasma lighting while working with key clients like Microsoft.

Kind LED Grow Lights

KIND LED consulted with hundreds of professional hydroponic and soil growers to rigorously research and develop their their cutting-edge LED indoor grow light technology that has since revolutionized the indoor growing industry.

Left Coast Garden Wholesale

Left Coast Garden Wholesale is a wholesaler of high-quality hydroponic and regular garden products, including Genesis lighting products.

Lifted LED

With 10 years of hands-on experience with LEDs and more than 24 years of experience in the design and manufacture of architectural lighting, Lifted LED knows what works.

Nanolux Technology

Nanolux Technology is a leading brand of horticultural ballasts. They are a forerunner of innovation and have received more patents than any other ballast brand on the market.

P.L. Light Systems

Providing lighting solutions for virtually any type of indoor horticultural application, P.L. Light Systems headquarters are in the Netherlands, with North American offices.

Grow Lighting: Top Feeds to Follow on Twitter


SANlight in Austria develops and manufactures high-quality LED horticultural lighting solutions.


SunBlaster is a Canadian manufacturer of all types of grow lights based in British Columbia.

Sunlight Supply

Sunlight Supply is the exclusive supplier of Sun Power lighting systems and many other lighting brands light Garden Bright, Sun Blaze, AgroLED, and PAR Pro.


Sunmaster are makers of tailored spectrums, grow lamps, and power supplies for the indoor hydroponics and horticultural industries.

Sun Power Lighting

Sun Power Lighting indoor grow lights are high quality and offer best-in-the-world performance, especially designed for indoor growers.

Top Shelf Lighting

By partnering with one of the top LED manufacturers in the world, Top Shelf Lighting is able to produce affordable horticultural-grade LED lighting fixtures without sacrificing quality.


Established in 1967, Ushio America is a leading manufacturer and distributor of lighting products and associated services and control gear.

Ursa LED

Introducing Ursa, formerly known as Starlite-LED. Designed in California. The next stage of LED lighting is here. Ursa represents the next chapter in our story.