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By Maximum Yield
Published: December 27, 2022
Presented by Humble Bees Botanical Supply Inc.
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When it comes to organic plant fertilizers, look no further than Humble Bees Botanical, a company that takes pride in its eco-friendly and organic products. Company President Brett Johnston answers our questions.

How did you come up with your business name?
Humble Bees Botanical Supply came to be by our founder/CEO Brett Johnston. Our vision is to be the hardest working group in the industry delivering all of the products to our growers to give them the ingredients for the highest quality and premium products.


How important is safety when you’re engineering new products?
All of the products we work with are tested and proven to be safe for all environments with as little impact to the environment and users.

What are some new innovations you are using in your products?
A new innovation is that BioQuality in 100 percent vegan and no animal products or materials are used in the production of BioQuality. In short, BioQuality consists of 100 percent plant residues, which means that it is not harmful to the organisms in the soil. There is no more environmentally friendly product on the market than BioQuality. The ecological footprint is virtually nil.

In addition, the organic aspect of BioQuality ensures that natural resources come available to the plant. This includes the release of saccharides, fatty acids, and L- Amino acids(essential and non essential) which are crucial for rich development of the plant.


cannabis plant in a growroom

Any new innovations/technology you are working on that you can tell our readers about?
At the moment, we are researching and adjusting the BioQuality formula to create bigger flowers than that grown with minerals and chemicals. We are already ahead as it comes to the quality of the plant and buds, environmentally, and awareness and soil life. Now we want to get ahead of the other mineral and chemical fertilizer in the field of quantity. Comparing BioQuality to current synthetic options employing plant growth regulators and hardeners out goal is to outperform those numbers in an organic environment without the use of harmful ingredients that plants don’t naturally digest.

What are some steps your company has taken to improve its environmental responsibility?
The development of BioQuality was born from the demand for nutrients that do not contain animal materials, contain no chemicals and have no harmful influences on the plant, the soil and the organisms in the soil. We can proudly say that we have designed a fertilizer line that meets all requirements and is even ahead of the more common non-organic fertilizers. We are therefore very pleased that we are currently both backed and registered with USDA, Vegan Society and CFIA registered for commercial use in Canada.


young cannabis plants

What are your top-3 selling products right now?
With BQ being a full-grow system, all of our products are equally as important as the next, all of our products are selling equally amongst each other.


Why should consumers or corporations choose your company over the competition?
With BQ being developed with the environment equally as important as producing a top tier product, we have created a system that utilized Mother Nature’s abundance of materials as well as recycling product waste streams of other agricultural industry. Our commitment to giving our end user a safe and high-quality product they know is safe due to our large amount of certifications.

Do you have any expansion plans?
BQ has a goal of having a production facility on every continent to better make use of native products to that continent, eliminate more of our carbon footprint by reducing shipping costs and pollution that comes from that industry.

flowering cannabis plant

What are you doing to retain staff?
Humble Bees and Bioquality employ passionate individuals that have a love for the plant and the process as well as a mindful awareness of the environment and our need to protect it along with assisting some of North America’s best growers to produce bountiful harvests with award winning results.

What are some challenges you’ve come across in marketing your products and how have you overcome them?
Marketing in an industry that is in such an infancy with a stigma attached has made advertising with any cannabis content a very difficult process with legalization in the USA not being federal and companies/social media not having community guidelines that include cannabis production.

How are you keeping pace in such a fast-moving industry?
Ever-evolving and keeping an open mind in every conversation has been instrumental in Humble Bees and Bio Quality being on top of what the market and industry wants to see. Keeping conversations open and all suggestions are taken into account.

humble bees banner in a growroom

Describe your company culture.
Humble Bees is a very special group of people. We have taken the time to bring on individuals that have a deep love for the plant and that’s something we are extremely proud of. Having that much dedication in one place keeps Humble Bees on track with the culture in mind and keeping the end results a good one for anyone we work with.

What are your thoughts on the future of this industry?
I believe that this industry is going to come with some exciting and scary turns as it is in such an infancy compared to most established industries. I believe that the regulations and laws surrounding cannabis should be focused on safe access to safe and clean medicine/rec cannabis to keep end users and commercial employees safe. We have a long and exciting journey to explore and right now we are pioneers of a new industry in North America and it is a privilege to be a part of this new journey for our nation.

Anything else you’d like to say about your company?
Humble Bees originated from a small, tight-knit community of independent medical cannabis cultivators in northern Canada who were constantly searching for more simple and natural fertilizers that in turn would produce the highest quality medicine possible.
In 2018 this group of friends came together with the identified goal of bringing to market an eco-friendly, organic, and all-around safer and more effective product that delivers top tier results, at a cost to the end user that wont break the bank.

Focusing on what nature can provide for itself and utilizing mother natures wonderous abundance of raw materials, we alongside our colleagues across the world have been working diligently over the last three years testing our products and achieving a number of globally recognized certifications and now we are tremendously excited to share these products with the community.

Humble Bees Botanical, originated from a small tight knit community of independent medical cannabis cultivators in northern Canada who were constantly searching for more simple and natural fertilizers that in turn would produce the highest quality medicine possible.


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