Good to Grow: Rooting Gel, LED Light Strips, Nutrients, and Mosquito Control

CYCO Cyclone Rooting Gel

CYCO Cyclone Rooting Gel was formulated over many years and rigorously tested by gardeners before now being released into the global market. As with all CYCO Platinum Series products, Cyclone needed to be a premium product which produced premium results for valued CYCO customers. Teamed with proven CYCO platinum series nutrients, Cyclone accelerates root production and growth to help all softwood and semi-hardwood cuttings thrive through the initial stages of life. For retailers, CYCO is available exclusively through BWGS.

Good to Grow: Rooting Gel, LED Light Strips, Nutrients, and Mosquito Control

Par Pro Hyper Arc

Par Pro, one of Sun System’s newest brands of grow lamps, has just introduced the Hyper Arc, the most powerful single-ended grow lamp ever. Consistently testing at 2,380µmol, the new Hyper Arc is a single-ended, 1,100W grow lamp that features a 400V arc tube and TT65 European glass jacket than generates 177,000 lumens.

The Hyper Arc’s PBAR Flux is even more impressive at 2,688µmol. “PBAR” is an acronym for Plant Biologically Active Radiation, which is measured from 350 to 800 nanometers in the light spectrum. This value recognizes that plants have photopigments other than chlorophyll that are sensitive to a wider range of wavelengths than chlorophyll.

The Hyper Arc is a remarkable milestone in horticultural lighting. The fact that Par Pro has been able to accomplish this in a single-ended E39 lamp design should be great news for the hundreds of thousands of single-ended reflectors currently in the field.

Good to Grow: Rooting Gel, LED Light Strips, Nutrients, and Mosquito Control

Hydrofarm’s Grow !t Coir Crunch

Grow !t Coir Crunch is an ideal soil amendment for increasing aeration and drainage in any mix. Made out of coconut husk fiber, chips and pith, it can completely replace perlite and peat in a mix, while being far more ecologically sustainable.

Grow !t Coir Crunch increases horizontal distribution of water and expedites drying of the top layer of the grow medium. It is also an excellent mulch. Grow !t Coir Crunch comes in compressed bales for easy shipping and storage, yet each bale expands to 11 cubic feet. A limited supply of sample sizes is available. Retailers can order exclusively through Hydrofarm.

Good to Grow: Rooting Gel, LED Light Strips, Nutrients, and Mosquito Control

Reiziger Nutrients

There’s a formula for hydroponic success. For Dutch hydroponic master gardeners, growing is an art form. It’s about long-standing craftsmanship and the unique blend of art and science. To help them master their craft, Dutch breeders and growers swear by Reiziger.

More than just a multi-stage fertilizer blend, Reiziger hydroponic nutrients represent a leap forward in nutrient formulation for sophisticated connoisseurs of plant botany. Reiziger is formulated from the original recipes used at the legendary Seed Bank of Holland in the 1980s.

Proudly made in Holland, using only the finest quality ingredients, nothing has been left to chance in order to enhance the cultivation of your fast growing crop strains in hydroponics under grow lights. It’s only natural that hydroponic growers might want to opt for the same consistent harvests achieved by experienced Dutch craftsmen for more than 30 years. Search for the ship on the gold bottle.

Good to Grow: Rooting Gel, LED Light Strips, Nutrients, and Mosquito Control

Summit Mosquito Bits

Summit Mosquito Bits, a popular biological control that kills mosquito larvae, is now also approved for the control of fungus gnats in container plants, houseplants, and in hydroponic growing environments. To control fungus gnats, simply shake the granular Mosquito Bits onto the growing media in container-grown plants. Mosquito Bits may be used on any container-grown plants including vegetables and herbs.

The active ingredient in Mosquito Bits is BTI (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis). BTI is a 100 per cent natural occurring bacterium deadly to both mosquito larvae and fungus gnat larvae, but is harmless to people, plants, animals, fish, or birds. To kill mosquito larvae before they can become flying, disease-spreading adults, simply shake the Mosquito Bits granules on any standing water, including ponds and water gardens, rain barrels, and hydroponics containers.

Mosquito Bits are made by Summit Responsible Solutions, which also makes the popular Mosquito Dunks product. Mosquito Bits and Mosquito Dunks are available at home centers, hardware stores, garden centers and online.

Good to Grow: Rooting Gel, LED Light Strips, Nutrients, and Mosquito Control

SunBlaster LED Strip Lights

SunBlaster’s world-class team of lighting experts, global sourcing, and manufacturing partners have completed the task of creating the finest horticultural LED lighting available for today’s indoor growing enthusiasts and professionals.

SunBlaster LED Strip Lights are designed to maximize overall performance, economy and extend longevity, while providing the best possible lighting for all indoor horticultural applications without fail or compromise. Their self-cooling technology allows their engineers to push the lighting output to desired levels without creating unwanted heat or wasting valuable resources running cooling fans or other unwanted devices. SunBlaster LED Strip Lights are the next generation in propagation and grow lighting.