Good to Grow: Reservoirs, Substrates, Environmental Control, and NutrientsUrban Oasis Collapsible Water Storage Barrels

Urban Oasis Collapsible Water Storage Barrels are a great compact solution for water storage, as a reservoir for hydroponics, or for rain water retention. These reservoirs are made from heavy duty 1,000 denier tarpaulin PVC material, and range in size from 25 gallons to 291 gallons.

These reservoirs come collapsed and packed in an easy-to-handle box. A great alternative to bulky hard-sided reservoirs, Urban Oasis Collapsible Water Storage Barrels come equipped with the all necessary fittings including a removable strainer, ¾-inch overflow fitting, ¾-inch click-fit male connector, and ¾-inch tap. Retailers can order Urban Oasis through Sunlight Supply.

Good to Grow: Reservoirs, Substrates, Environmental Control, and NutrientsGrowth Science Strength

Silica often gets overlooked when it comes to quality plant development, but it is vital to ensure durable and stress-resistant plants. Therefore, Growth Science developed Strength, the ideal silica booster for any garden that will give your plants sturdy stalks and stems with vibrant, resilient leaves.

Silica is used to strengthen cell walls; the surprisingly tough serrated edge on a blade of grass and the wonders of bamboo are both examples of silica at work. A healthy and hardy plant is more efficient at photosynthesizing when it can withstand environmental factors like heat and drought. Don’t settle for weak and wimpy stalks. After all, your plants need to carry some weight, don't they? Add Strength to your nutrient regiment today.

Good to Grow: Reservoirs, Substrates, Environmental Control, and NutrientsNovaGreen 8-32-5 Plus Micros

NovaGreen 8-32-5 Plus Micros is a liquid concentrate that contains three essential nutrients: phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium, which are essential for seed-starting and promoting good seedling root development. It is also important to use at the pre-flowering and flowering stage. A completely soluble form, the concentrated phosphorous and potassium is quickly absorbed by roots to promote flowering.

Created though a proprietary manufacturing process, the unique slow-release nitrogen source in 8-32-5, from methylene urea, feeds plants slowly and consistently. When used on young plants, vegetative development is supported with controlled release, without starving the plant’s overall growth. This minimizes stretching and elicits tight, efficient growth when under lights.

A full package of chelated micronutrients ensures overall plant health. 8-32-5 has an ideal pH range of 6-7 to ensure steady nutrient uptake and growth. 8-32-5’s liquid solution can be soil-applied with any injection or irrigation system, or as a drench or foliar. It has a low salt index, reducing the potential for burn.

Good to Grow: Reservoirs, Substrates, Environmental Control, and NutrientsReiziger Substrates

Master the art of hydroponics with Reiziger substrates. Reiziger has a long heritage of delivering outstanding tools that meet the needs of hydroponic craftsmen. Recipes and formulas, refined over the last 30 years, have created an innovative range of solutions that started growing from the rich traditions of pedigree seed breeders in Amsterdam back in 1984.

Trusted by Dutch growers for decades, Reiziger substrates are ideal for all kinds of hydroponic systems, containers or potted plants. Reiziger Coconut Coir Pith, Peat Mix, and Expanded Clay have all been engineered to deliver a surge of seemingly infinite power to help short-cycle cultures in any hydroponic garden grow twice the size.

Presenting a perfect marriage of commitment and enhancement, Reiziger substrates are the only substrates with the power, style, and drama to make the world of underground botanists and farmers stand still. Search for the ship on the gold bag.

Good to Grow: Reservoirs, Substrates, Environmental Control, and NutrientsIdeal-Air Mega Split System

Ideal Air continues to add to its line-up of premium air conditioners, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers with the all new Mega Split. This is the first ceiling-hung cooling and heating air conditioning system designed specifically for indoor gardening.

This inverter compressor outdoor unit features a split heat pump system that both heats and cools. It’s matched to a commercial-grade indoor ceiling mounted head with an industrial shaft-driven motor. The Ideal-Air Mega Split system delivers effective indoor cooling when outdoor temperatures range from 116°F to -13°F.

This system also includes an internal condensate drain pan. The permanent indoor air filter never needs replacing and is easily accessed for quick clean-up. Installation requires a certified HVAC technician. Ideal-Air’s Mega Split can also be fitted with Ideal Air’s Gro-Sok.

This is a retractable fabric duct system designed to deliver even air flow onto the plant canopy, another industry first. This kit includes a touchscreen thermostat wall display and 50-foot wire harness. Available in 48,000 BTU (four ton) and 60,000 BTU (five ton) models.

Good to Grow: Reservoirs, Substrates, Environmental Control, and NutrientsGrower’s Choice Digital 315W CMH Fixture

Grower’s Choice is proud to introduce their new Digital 315W ceramic metal halide (CMH) complete fixture.

Utilizing cutting-edge 50/60-Hz low frequency square-wave technology, their fixture can maintain lumen output higher than 90 per cent at over 10,000 hours while maintaining the initial spectrum, ensuring both reliability and efficiency.

Grower’s Choice CMH fixture can operate at either 120V or 240V, making it ideal for home and commercial applications. Its Smart-Dim technology allows growers to dim and super-charge the lamp depending on the grower’s specific needs.

Grower’s Choice offers a broad range of 315W lamps, including the 3,100K Full Phase, 3,100K-R Red Enhanced, 4,200K Day Light, and 10,000K Finishing.