Good to Grow: Pop-Up Grow Tents, Liquid Fertilizers, Beneficial Microbes, and More

Meigs Liquid Fertilizers

Meigs takes pride in its products and is proud to offer a wide array of all-natural and organic fertilizers and amendments. Meigs offers plants all the nutrients they need during specific growing times throughout their lifecycle. The liquid fertilizer kit includes base nutrients, Grow and Bloom; and additives, Sul-Cal-Mag, Big Tops (bloom booster), Bud Honey (carbohydrate), Mother’s Little Helper (stress reliever), Root Mass XL (myco powder), Sugar Shack (a powdered sugar), and Photo Max XL (photosynthesis enhancer). Meigs liquid fertilizer line does not have to be used all together. You will have great results using just the base Grow and Bloom, but using the line together will maximize your growing efforts and give you the best results. You can use any of the products in or with any other fertilizer brands.

Good to Grow: Pop-Up Grow Tents, Liquid Fertilizers, Beneficial Microbes, and MoreArborjet Eco-1 Garden Spray

Arborjet Eco-1 Garden Spray offers total garden protection against soft-bodied insects, mites, and diseases such as powdery mildew, black spot, early and late blight, scab, gray mold, rust, brown rots, and leaf spot. It’s a botanical blend of thyme and peppermint oils with flaxseed oil, creating a unique emulsion that offers up to 15 times more active ingredients for highly effective control without risk of leaf scorching. Additional ingredients help the oils mix with water and dissolve an insect’s exoskeleton for additional pest fighting power. Formulated with EPA Minimum Risk active ingredients allowed for use on food crops, Eco-1 is non-toxic to people and pets. It is vegan-friendly and ideal for organic growing, and can even be used on edibles that will be harvested the same day. The Eco-1 Garden Spray is available in three sizes: a 32-ounce ready-to-use, an eight ounce concentrate (makes up to two gallons), and a 32-ounce concentrate (makes up to eight gallons).

Good to Grow: Pop-Up Grow Tents, Liquid Fertilizers, Beneficial Microbes, and MoreEcothrive Biosys

Ecothrive Biosys contains a unique blend of beneficial microbes and natural plant growth stimulants. Easy and quick to mix and use, Biosys is a concentrated powder that you add to water to make an instant microbial tea. The microbes in Biosys improve root function, increase nutrient and water availability, help with disease prevention and improve plant growth. Biosys also contains biological catalysts (humic acids, amino acids, enzymes, proteins, carbohydrates and seaweed extract) to allow activation and continued growth of the microbes within the rhizosphere, right where you need them. Breathe new life into your plants with Biosys, the complete microbial solution.

Good to Grow: Pop-Up Grow Tents, Liquid Fertilizers, Beneficial Microbes, and MoreQuick-Qube: The Pop-Up Frame for Instant Growing

Green-Qube is once again shaking up the grow room industry with a revolutionary new tent concept. The Quick-Qube represents a new way to create an easy growing space. Adapted from an industrial gazebo frame, the patented pop-up framework combines Green-Qube’s class-leading outer shell with a super sturdy, yet lightweight aluminum frame. The Quick-Qube is fast, easy and requires almost no effort to erect. Its aluminum frame is 1.4 millimeters thick and has incredible strength, holding over 100 kilograms. Best of all, it’s anti-corrosive so will never rust. It also allows you to truly maximize your growing floor space as there are no intruding floor poles, just five adjustable legs. Get growing in record speed, as the tent also offers instant collapsing and neat and easy storage, with no chance of poles or corners being mislaid.

Good to Grow: Pop-Up Grow Tents, Liquid Fertilizers, Beneficial Microbes, and MoreAutoPot easy2Propagate

The easy2Propagate from AutoPot Watering Systems is the ideal solution for growers that are cloning on a large scale. With an eight-inch deep, 4x2-foot humidity dome, the easy2Propagate is the largest single-piece propagator available on the market. It’s size and ventilation capacity make controlling your growing conditions simple, meaning a vast range of climatic options are achievable. Four large, fully adjustable vents allow growers unparalleled scope to fine-tune an environment in which young plants can thrive. The addition of AutoPot’s AQUAvalve irrigation technology completely removes all of the watering workload associated with cloning on a professional scale. Your clones will never be under or overwatered. Simply fill up the FlexiTank reservoir (included) and let the AQUAvalve do the work. Multiple units can be placed on shelving and fed from a single reservoir.

Good to Grow: Pop-Up Grow Tents, Liquid Fertilizers, Beneficial Microbes, and More

Revelry Supply Bags

Introducing three new styles from the extremely popular Revelry Supply line of high-quality, odor-absorbing, water-resistant gear. The Drifter is a rolltop backpack with added storage for longer adventures. The Overnighter is the smallest Revelry duffle and is great for an overnight stay. The Stowaway is perfect for small travel essentials and supplies. All Revelry bags feature a highly protective custom layer system. The outermost layer is rubber-backed nylon, followed by a dual carbon filter. The nylon is woven for strength and backed with rubber for two reasons: to protect the dual carbon filter from water damage and to add an extra layer of odor protection. The last layer is the cotton lining. It’s soft to the touch and helps to protect the longevity of the dual carbon filter. All bags have rubber-coated zippers, genuine leather accents, and metal hardware. Offered in black, navy, crosshatch grey, dark striped grey, and green. Retailers can order Revelry Supply through Hydrofarm.