Good to Grow: New Gadgets for Your Growroom

VitaLink BioPac is back, but in powder form! Full of beneficial microbes including trichoderma, BioPac Powder improves function, root development, and tolerance to and from stress. BioPac Powder is suitable for use in all growing substrates and will assist with nutrient availability and uptake.

Add VitaLink BioPac Powder at each complete solution change when using recirculating hydro systems. If you’re growing in substrates, use BioPac Powder once—each time you transplant or re-pot. This ensures good colonization by the microbes and quick establishment of your plants. Enhance plant vitality by using VitaLink BioPac powder.

Good to Grow: New Gadgets for Your Growroom

Hudson has been a trusted source of horticultural spraying equipment for over a century, and Hydrofarm is now offering a selection of Hudson Sprayers, meant to address an array of garden needs.

The products include one-gallon and two-gallon lawn and garden sprayers, the 1.3 Gallon Insta-Spray Battery Operated Garden Sprayer, the Hudson Leader Multi-Purpose Sprayer, the 24-ounce All-Angle Trigger Sprayer, the 64-ounce All-Angle Compression Handsprayer and the 2.0 Gallon Electric Fog Atomizer. Hudson products are well designed and built for ease-of-use and durability.

Good to Grow: New Gadgets for Your Growroom

The NovaGreen Complete Micro Package has an agronomically correct ratio of eight naturally chelated micronutrients (Mg, S, B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, and Zn) that work fast to feed rapidly growing plants. A 100 per cent chelated solution, all micronutrients are in a completely soluble form and available for immediate plant uptake through both leaves and roots.

It can be used as part of a regularly scheduled, secondary nutrient addition to the crop cycle, as well as to correct deficiencies in all types of growing systems, both indoors and outdoors.

When timing is critical and soil and tissue tests cannot be run, Micro Package can be applied to foliage for fast correction of chlorotic plants. Micro Package is biodegradable and a food source for soil microbes.

Good to Grow: New Gadgets for Your GrowroomPar Pro is a new name in horticultural lighting created by one of the leading names in the industry, Sun System. Their new LEC (Light Emitting Ceramic) 315W lamp has proved to be exceptionally reliable and effective through extensive testing and use. LEC has come on strong the past couple of years as an ultra-effective light source for plant growth that uses less power.

The lamp produces a clean white light and is available in a 3,100K and 4,200K color temperatures. The 3,100K lamp generates a very high 1.856 PPFD per second light source. The 4,200K also has a very high 1.778 PPFD per second light source. Both lamps feature good lumen maintenance and continued excellent PPF performance throughout lamp-life. The unique open-rated lamp construction reduces radiant heat from the arc tube and is suitable for open fixture use with a PGZX18 base.

Good to Grow: New Gadgets for Your GrowroomDr. Earth’s Pot of Gold premium potting soil is an OMRI and CDFA certified organic blend that is people and pet safe and contains no GMOs. Pot of Gold potting soil uses OIM inputs which are finely selected organic materials from the land and sea that help prized plants thrive. Pot of Gold is a pH balanced, all-purpose mix with horticultural perlite for optimal drainage for containerized gardens—indoor or out.

Dr.Earth’s certified organic soils are created for life—we utilize powerful MycoApply certified beneficial microbes that encourage explosive root growth allowing for optimal access to nutrients in the soil. Locate Dr. Earth organic soils, fertilizers, and controls at your local garden store or nursery. Be the change and choose Dr. Earth to sustainably achieve heavy yielding high quality crops.

Good to Grow: New Gadgets for Your Growroom

The DuoLux 600 Horticultural LED lighting system is unlike anything else on the market, boasting 189 Bridgelux 5W LED diodes in addition to four massive CREE COB chipsets. This translates to well over 1700 PPFD striking the canopy at 24 inches away with unprecedented high PAR penetration deep into the secondary and tertiary growth levels, achieving far more marketable growth sites per watt than ever obtained with HID lighting sources.

The vegetative setting powers the four white light CREE COB arrays, drawing a mere 263 watts off the wall. The flowering mode activates the 5W Bridgelux arrays, consuming a scant 322 watts of electricity. Full power illumination is achieved with both systems in operation simultaneously, producing blinding amounts of light with a low energy expenditure of only 585 watts.

Good to Grow: New Gadgets for Your GrowroomMixSure+ Measuring Buckets take standard buckets to the next level of utility, transforming them into the ideal multi-purpose containers for measuring, mixing, and storing dry materials or liquids. Marked with accurate measurement scales in gallons, quarts, and liters, these sturdy three- and five-gallon buckets are made of durable food-grade, BPA-free plastic for a long life of service in the garden, shop, or home.