Good to Grow: LEDs, Hydroponic Bucket System,

Lumileds LUXEON SunPlus CoB Purple

Customer success and market adoption of the Lumileds LUXEON SunPlus 35 Purple and the need for even greater photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) in a single device led to the development of the LUXEON SunPlus CoB Purple (12.5 per cent blue).

Greenhouse lighting requires deep penetration into the plant canopy, which is achieved with a directional CoB. Available with 15-, 19-, and 32-millimeter light emitting surfaces, the SunPlus CoB Purple can maximize PPF to as high as 350 micromoles per second.

The CoB portfolio complements the LUXEON SunPlus 20 and 35 Lines, which offer a variety of colors to optimize the spectrum for greenhouse applications. The CoB form factor also means that standard optics, holders, and drivers are available to help manufacturers accelerate time to market of their fixtures.

Good to Grow: LEDs, Hydroponic Bucket Systems, and Calcium AdditivesDivine Hydroponics Paradise Six-site System

Deep water culture hydroponics has been reinvented. The Paradise Six-site System by Divine Hydroponics was engineered with the grower in mind, with the goal to make it easy for anyone to plant, grow, and thrive. The patent-pending innovations include the ability to easily expand the plant rows and/or number of sites, adjustable plant spacing (18, 24, and 36 inch), and three points of circulation (the most in the industry). It’s also easy to assemble, drain, flush, and clean. The system features a bottom-draining reservoir and double Mylar-insulated site tops, for which there are two options: one 10-inch net pot or four four-inch net pots. The system is bottom draining with raised plant sites, has a water chemistry distribution portal and a water flow meter, and comes with a seven-year warranty. The system is also available in four-, 12-, and 18-site configurations.

Good to Grow: LEDs, Hydroponic Bucket System,

South Cascade Organics SLF-100

SLF-100 is the only 100 per cent organic, OMRI Listed, and Clean Green certified enzymatic formula designed with system health in mind. SLF-100 can effectively break down salts, proteins, lipids, calcium, and any other organic residue that, if left unchecked, could result in system issues. The goal with SLF-100 was not to produce an enzymatic product that would target one specific material but to provide a well-rounded product that would tackle many different obstacles. It is effective in all phases of the growing cycle and is compatible with all nutrients, fertilizers, and rooting compounds. Thanks to a proprietary blend of naturally occurring enzymes, SLF-100 is pH neutral in concentrated form and has no added sugars or NPK.

Good to Grow: LEDs, Hydroponic Bucket System,

Vitaponix VitaCal

Calcium (Ca) is a vital element for plant cell integrity. Technology Calcium (Tecal) is an innovative Ca product containing an integrated patented technology for inducing calcium absorption. It works synergistically by blocking the inhibition of Ca absorption by cellular substances and by increasing the cytosolic Ca, which is redeposited in the plant’s calcium stores, including the vacuole. Tecal effectively increases Ca absorption, resulting in the strengthening of plant cell walls and an increased tolerance to abiotic and biotic stresses. Calcium abundance by foliar application of Tecal improves cell functionality and optimizes plant physiological processes for growth and development, resulting in increased fresh produce yield, quality, and shelf-life.

Good to Grow: LEDs, Hydroponic Bucket System,

TRAP Travel Bag

The TRAP Travel Bag, distributed to retailers via Sunlight Supply, is made in North America of high-quality materials. Our bags are exceptionally crafted, durable, and weather resistant. At 10x6x6 inches, the TRAP Travel Bag is a great choice for those needing compact storage. It’s the perfect size for storing all of your toiletries safely and discreetly while on the go. It is ideal for preserving the freshness of any perishable or dried goods. Lockable rubber zippers make this bag pet and childproof while concealing the toughest odors. Spot clean only.