Good to Grow: Grow Tents, Reservoirs, Plant Tonics, and SCROG SystemsBio Diesel Aloevate

A 100 per cent natural plant tonic that contains hundreds of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, Aloevate is made from blended desert plant extracts.

It contains natural salicylic acid (silica), auxins, amino acids, saponins, and enzymes that enhance micro-life, protect your root zone, and break down any dead roots and unused mineral salts to keep the plant roots clean and functioning at peak performance with healthy microbe colonization.

Aloevate improves your plants’ size, vitality, and overall growth rates while protecting them from disease. Plants become stronger with thicker cell walls with a higher water holding capacity.

Aloevate is also an amazing foliar Spray it creates thicker stronger cell walls and activates the plants’ systemic required resistance response to deter pests and disease. It can also be added to any other foliar spray as a natural wetting agent and chelating agent to aid in mineral transportation. Available in one-liter, 5L, and 20L sizes.

Good to Grow: Grow Tents, Reservoirs, Plant Tonics, and SCROG Systems

Spectrum King LED’s Grow Tent

As growers themselves, Spectrum King employees are always testing, tinkering, and trying to make products better.

After extensive research, Spectrum LED is now offering a 4x4-foot grow tent designed from the ground up by growers for growers.

The 48-pound tent features a stronger frame, heavier and better-quality fabric, and a highly-reflective white interior so growers can clearly see their plants and all light is reflected. It also comes with an extension that allows the height to increase from six feet, 11 inches to seven feet, 11 inches, without additional cost. All corner connectors are sturdy metal push-click, the frame can support up to 138 pounds, there are six 11-inch exhaust ports and two three-inch cord ports.

Good to Grow: Grow Tents, Reservoirs, Plant Tonics, and SCROG Systems

Phantom 50 Series DE Commercial Lighting System

The Phantom 50 Series DE 1,000W, 277V Commercial Lighting System is offered in both open and enclosed versions.

At the heart of these systems is the Phantom Commercial DE Ballast with USB interface, which enables connection with the Autopilot PX1 Digital Lighting Controller. The ballast features six-way wattage output control: 600W; 750W; 825W; 1,000W; and 1,150W + PX1 control mode. Each DE lighting system includes either an open or enclosed reflector design. The open version is best for broad light footprints, and the enclosed reflector brings a more focused light pattern.

The reflectors feature compact designs and premium hammertone interiors. Rounding out the system is a premium European-made DE HPS lamp with a rated PAR output of 2,100 µmol/s. These systems are available to retailers through Hydrofarm.

Good to Grow: Grow Tents, Reservoirs, Plant Tonics, and SCROG Systems

Upgraded Flo-N-Gro Systems

Flo-N-Gro hydroponic growing systems continue to evolve as new features are developed, like the innovative bottom drain that’s now included in all Flo-N-Gro buckets.

A distinctive notch in the bottom of the bucket captures every last bit of water which results in total drainage, eliminates standing water, and makes cleaning easier and more effective. The built-in bulkhead fitting in the bottom drain is ideally suited to Hydro Flow’s half-inch or three-quarter-inch tub outlet fitting that easily screws in and requires only a single washer for a leak-proof seal.

This built-in tub outlet bulkhead is threaded in a way that allows the fittings to screw-in and tighten leaving the fitting in the optimum operating orientation.

The bottom of the bucket has been elevated off the floor which keeps the bucket clear of the floor and prevents the root zone water temperature from being affected by the floor temperature

Good to Grow: Grow Tents, Reservoirs, Plant Tonics, and SCROG SystemsSCROGGER Smart P SCROG

The Smart P SCROG is the newest addition to an extensive SCROGGER product line.

Included in this new kit is the patented clear and flexible but durable P SCROG Primary screen with 3.25-inch openings, a choice of a five- or 10-gallon Smart Pot, a set of four adjustable plastic stakes (18-36 inch), and a set of eight zip ties. The Smart P SCROG can be used with any media and provides a very cost-effective solution to train and support plants. Assembly is a snap and requires no tools. The whole system can be cleaned for reuse.