Good to Grow: Fans, Coco Pith, Insecticidal Soaps, and Bloom BoostersNeudorff Insecticidal Soap

Your valuable crops shouldn’t lose their value because you couldn’t find the right pest control product. That’s why Neudorff, the German market leader for pest control and plant care products, is proud to introduce the first product line to bring a unique combination of high efficacy and OMRI certification for organic gardening to the urban grow market. A contact killer formulated for high efficacy, HydroWorxx Insecticidal Soap 3-in-1 provides optimal spreading to control soft-bodied insects, mites, and powdery mildew. And you can use it right up until harvest day. You’re not the only one who puts serious work into your garden. Whiteflies are willing contributors — though not the kind you want. HydroWorxx new Insecticidal Soap is EPA-registered and OMRI Listed for organic gardening—and has demonstrated higher efficacy against whiteflies than competitor soaps. Using any insecticide effectively requires good coverage, so HydroWorxx soap offers optimal spreading to kill adult, larval and nymph stages fast, on contact.

Good to Grow: Fans, Coco Pith, Insecticidal Soaps, and Bloom Boosters

Hurricane SHO Oscillating Wall Mount Fan 16

Hurricane continues to be the fan of choice among indoor growers. With more than 35 different fans offered currently and more on the way, Hurricane Fans allow growers to tailor the proper fan to their grow space precisely. Hurricane’s new SHO Oscillating Wall Mount Fan 16 pushes 30 per cent more air than Hurricane’s Classic or Supreme fans. This new and improved design includes a powerful 75 watt motor along with an all-new polymer blade. This Super High Output 16 inch fan has 2,540 CFM and 1,500 RPM to create an air velocity of 267 M3/min. The fan has three speed settings, 90° oscillation, and adjustable tilt. There’s a versatile control of the speed settings and oscillation by using a turn switch or pull strings.

Good to Grow: Fans, Coco Pith, Insecticidal Soaps, and Bloom Boosters

Reiziger Coco Coir Pith

Perfection straight out of the bag. Reiziger Coco Coir Pith is a tribute to the man who in 1984 created a seed breeding business named The Seed Bank of Holland in The Netherlands. Reiziger’s exclusive Nutricoir formula is engineered to deliver a surge of seemingly infinite power that will help plants absorb 50 per cent more nutrients than ordinary coco peat to grow plants twice the size. Coco Coir Pith protects against over- and under-fertilizing, minimizing uneven growth and stunting. Simply pour into your pot—absolutely no drainage additives or rinsing needed. Its superior texture maintains an optimum balance of air and water in any hydroponic system to grow big, powerful plants and high-quality fruits and flowers. Abundant gardens start with Reiziger Coco Coir Pith, the ideal formula to meet the needs of short cycle cultures in any hydroponic garden.

Good to Grow: Fans, Coco Pith, Insecticidal Soaps, and Bloom BoostersPhantom CMh 315W Ballast, 277V

The Phantom CMh 315W ballast from Hydrofarm is a remotely operated, low frequency, square-wave digital ballast designed specifically for the 315W high intensity ceramic halide lamp, which can be used with equal effectiveness for both vegetative and flowering growth. It features internal RF shielding, multi-aspect protection circuitry, and 277V operation. Like all ballasts in the Phantom family, the CMh 315 ballast, 277V, is silent, reliable, and energy efficient. It can easily be wall-mounted near the reflector, or can be mounted up to fifty feet away, using Hydrofarm’s optional lamp cord extensions. It includes an eight-foot pre-wired AWG power cord with EMI suppression.

Good to Grow: Fans, Coco Pith, Insecticidal Soaps, and Bloom BoostersDr. Earth Flower Girl

Dr. Earth Flower Girl Bud & Bloom Booster (3-9-4) is a premium dry fertilizer that helps elevate yields and increase essential oil content of prized crops. Flower Girl is CDFA organic, OMRI listed, and Non-GMO Project Verified; with carefully selected high quality ingredients that plants need to thrive. It contains ocean-caught fishbone meal, valley-grown alfalfa meal, humic acids from Leonardite, and cold-water kelp that naturally creates more abundant harvests. Additionally, Dr. Earth includes a powerhouse blend of MycoApply certified beneficial microbes that brings the soil to life. This blend of organic nutrition and TruBiotic beneficials encourage multiple fruit/flower sites, maximum blooms, and ensure that flowers contain flavorful essential oils. Dry fertilizers are easy to use indoors and outdoors, by mixing into the soil before planting, scratching into the soil as a top dress for established plants, or in a fertilizer tea applied to the root system and as a foliar spray. Flower Girl will supply high levels of vital nutrition, improve overall soil texture, water retention, and continually enhance the soil with each application.

Good to Grow: Fans, Coco Pith, Insecticidal Soaps, and Bloom BoostersG8LED 600W Bloom Only Light

A new light for 2017, the G8LED 600W Bloom Only Light is designed for a flowering station and provides coverage for 20 square feet (5 x 4 feet) of flowering coverage or six to 10 mature plants. This light was the recipient of the 2017 Best New Light Award and is a true substitute for a 1,000W HPS bulb. The 90W Red Flower Boosters are not required when using the G8LED 600W Bloom Only Light. This light is a larger version of the G8-450Bloom light, with a power draw of 380 watts. The diodes are made in the USA and come with a two-year full warranty.