Good to Grow: Bloom Boosters, Starter Kits, and Humidity Control Packs

Dyna-HOME-Gro'n Starter Kit

Dyna-Gro has been a favorite nutrient solution for growers for more than 35 years. Dyna-Gro's Dyna-HOME-Gro'n Starter Kit gives the small or new grower the first and only starter kit to include a grower's manual and five products essential for optimum production.

The Starter Kit contains 8 oz. of K-L-N Rooting Concentrate to kick-start healthy root growth and two 32-oz. complete nutrients: Foliage-Pro for the vegetative stage and BLOOM for the flowering stage.

Also included is a quart of Pro-TeKt, a silicon supplement to help the plant resist powdery mildew and other stresses while supporting heavy yields and Mag-Pro, a supplement that boosts flower size, aromas, flavors, and resin content. Dyna-HOME-Gro'n Starter Kit provides growers with important facts and tips to master the process of growing using Dyna-Gro from start to finish, indoors and out.

Good to Grow: Bloom Boosters, Starter Kits, and Humidity Control Packs

ION DE Replacement Reflectors

With the arrival of new ION DE Replacement Reflectors, growers can customize ION double ended lighting systems in more ways than ever before. ION DE and DE Flare replacement inserts are removable and interchangeable, allowing growers to switch footprint types without purchasing a whole new reflector model.

The original DE insert is focused downward for intense, concentrated light, while the DE Flare delivers widespread, uniform, coverage perfect for overlapping footprints in multiple-light setups. Made of 95 per cent reflective hammertone aluminum, ION DE Replacement Reflectors provide high-performance light and heat distribution in commercial and large growing areas. ION lighting is available exclusively through BWGS.

Good to Grow: Bloom Boosters, Starter Kits, and Humidity Control Packs

SunBlaster Universal Light Strip Hangers

Getting more light where you need it has never been easier. The unique design of the Universal Light Strip Hanger makes it a snap to mount the light you need. Eliminate the need for cumbersome metal shades that not only weigh a lot, but also trap heat and block the view of your garden or propagation areas.

Add as much light as your crop desires, up to seven T5HOs or LEDs with this simple, easy to use, and easy to suspend lighting accessory from SunBlaster. Each kit includes two strips and two V Hooks for easy suspension.

SunBlaster Universal Light Strip Hangers can also be wall mounted or back-to-back, to provide optimal supplemental side lighting between your rows. SunBlaster Universal Light Strip Hangers accommodate any length of SunBlaster T5HO combos and our new LED strip lights.

Good to Grow: Bloom Boosters, Starter Kits, and Humidity Control Packs

Boveda Humidity Control

Available now from Hydrofarm, Boveda provides two-way humidity control for packages and containers. Boveda’s patented product, made entirely of FDA-compliant ingredients, is an insert that monitors the relative humidity inside the container. Then it adds or removes moisture as necessary, to maintain an ideal humidity level of 58 per cent or 62 per cent.

Best used with a tightly sealed container, Boveda is available in mini (four gram), small (eight gram) and large (67 gram) sizes. Boveda requires no activation or maintenance—the user will know that it’s time to replace the Boveda when it’s no longer pliable.

Good to Grow: Bloom Boosters, Starter Kits, and Humidity Control Packs

Dr. Earth Flower Girl Bud & Bloom Booster

This ultra-premium fertilizer produces ultra-premium flowers with Dr. Earth Flower Girl Bud & Bloom Booster (3-9-4) dry fertilizer. Flower Girl Bud & Bloom Booster is designed to promote superior bud-set and blooms with abundant essential oil production for all flowering plants in your garden.

Use Flower Girl Bud & Bloom every six to eight weeks for maximum blooms and strong roots. Flower Girl Bud & Bloom is CDFA-certified organic and OMRI-listed using the highest quality ingredients that provide an excellent continual nutrition stream. Support your crop and the organic movement—locate Dr. Earth premium soils, fertilizers, and controls at your favorite garden store.

Good to Grow: Bloom Boosters, Starter Kits, and Humidity Control Packs

Nanolux Technology Base Ballast

The Nanolux Base ballast is a no-frills workhorse. With a proven circuit design used for almost a decade, this Nanolux ballast will give you years of reliable service. The ballast comes with a dual industry output cord and works on 110-240 volts with an output of 1,000W. Includes a 120V power cord. Nanolux have now reduced the length of the case with a more compact circuit board design. Note: This ballast does not work with the NCCS APP system. Comes with a two-year Nanolux warranty.

Good to Grow: Bloom Boosters, Starter Kits, and Humidity Control Packs

SCROGGER P SCROG Six-pack Primary ScrOG Kits

SCROGGER has announced the release of new P SCROG Primary portable ScrOG grow kits in a six-pack option. Priced at 15 per cent below single unit pricing, the six-packs provide a substantial savings to the grower.

The P SCROG Portable Grow Kit is an easy way to grow using the ScrOG (screen of green) method, which results in bushy, horizontal plants that develop buds in unison. The system is completely reusable and can accommodate virtually any container. With the P SCROG, all buds receive optimal light intensity and are never stunted due to upper-growth shading.

In addition, the P SCROG screen is a clear, tough, polycarbonate that allows 99 per cent light penetration. The unique, patented, P SCROG design is made in the USA and assembles in minutes without tools. No more DIY bamboo or trellis netting required.