Dr. Earth Final Stop Disease Control Fungicide

Naturally eliminate powdery mildew, rust, botrytis, and many more plant diseases with Dr. Earth Final Stop Disease Control Fungicide spray. Final Stop Disease Control Fungicide spray is OMRI-listed and ready to use in organic gardens. It contains a blend of essential oils and organic acids that work synergistically to kill diseases immediately and provide weeks of continued protection.

Apply Final Stop Disease Control Fungicide spray in the early morning or late afternoon in every part of your indoor or outdoor garden to keep mold and fungi away. Support your garden and the environment by choosing an organic fungicide that is people and pet safe with Dr. Earth’s Final Stop Disease Control Fungicide spray.

One Way to Grow and Bloom

One Way to Grow and One Way to Bloom are plant food for commercial and large scale growers. Revolutionary new all-in-one nutrient formulations for Grow and Bloom. Contains all primary and secondary micro-nutrients, calcium, magnesium, and all additives and biostimulants found in most major feeding programs. Incredibly cost-effective, you can treat your water for cents per gallon. Their premeasured scoop for 25 gallon reservoir makes feeding easy. Now available at Sunlight Supply and Biofloral.

Reiziger Boosters

Reiziger Bloom Minerals, Root Booster, Grow Booster, and Bud Booster are alive with pioneering know-how to help enhance the cultivation of all fruiting and flowering plants. They offer demanding hydroponic craftsmen exactly what they need to afford magnificent harvests. In the early ’80s, the Seed Bank of Holland pioneered a revolutionary approach to breeding and set a new benchmark in plant cultivation assisted by specialized nutrient formulations.

Kept a closely guarded secret, handed down from one generation of Dutch craftsmen to the next, Reiziger is born from these original recipes, giving them a heritage that delivers the same exceptional yields and flawless quality attained by Dutch breeders and growers since 1984.

Forward-thinking formulation and a host of unseen technologies make Reiziger modern and dynamic. The company’s endless surge of power and invigoration sets it streets apart from others. Search for the ship on the gold bottle.

Smart Qubix Device and Software

Take the guesswork out of growing with the ultimate plant monitoring system. Let the data drive your growing to new heights. Smart Qubix was designed with the serious grower in mind. The device allows growers to keep an eye on key grow parameters and control their equipment (lighting, irrigation, fans, etc.) based on parameter thresholds or a scheduling interface.

The device comes preinstalled with How’s My Plant?—a robust plant monitoring solution that includes customizable web and mobile-based clients. Use our Web-based interface or mobile app to keep an eye on your plants anytime, from anywhere, using any device.

No internet? No problem. How’s My Plant? also has a built-in LCD panel to help you keep an eye on key parameters even without an internet connection. Smart qubix was developed with flexibility and scalability in mind.

Whether you grow hydroponically or in soil, indoors or outdoors, the solution has sensors and controllers and expansion options to meet all your needs.

Summit Research Tech’s Hochstrom Filter

With the Hochstrom (high flow) filtration unit, Summit Research Tech ensure the fastest acheivable flow rates in its given form factor. The brainchild of Summit’s Elliot Kremerman and a machining acheivement from RedEyesMJ, the unique, patentable, USA-made filtration device features top-of-the-line technology and machine work.

Summit Research have spared no expense on the filter plate itself, made of top quality stainless steel precision water jetted with unique triangular patterns that offer increased flow not acheivable with standard pore orifice filtration or ground glass joints.

A precision rim seal ensures the filtration paper is sealed end to end, and the angled spill plate is machined direct to the base to ensure all solution flows to the discharge port. Includes dual filtration ring seal/plate kits, with single or double-tall tubes. Used in conjunction with top quality ultra-fast USA-made papers and medias, this unit delivers above expectations—no more broken glass. Custom 20-liter vacuum media bottles complete this package.

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SunBlaster Nanodome

Easy to use you will love the Nanodome, which is made exclusively for SunBlaster’s T5HO combos with NanoTech reflectors and their new LED strip lights. The SunBlaster NanoDome has a unique, patented, recessed H-shaped groove that gives the dome superior strength.

And it's more than just a structural feature, it allows both their T5 NanoTech lights and their new LED Strip Lights to fit securely in the dome, ensuring lights stay centered, and plants receive even light coverage. The pattern also enables you to lay your lighting across a single dome or multiple domes. The SunBlaster NanoDome gets more of the light your plants love to them than any other dome on the market.