Good to Grow: Ballasts, Coco Coir, and a 3-Part Fertilizer SystemDr. Earth Three-part Liquid Fertilizer System

Dr.Earth is excited to release an easy-to-use and highly effective three-part liquid fertilizer system for heavy yielding organic gardens. Nitro Big, Pot of Gold, and Golden Bloom are OMRI Listed premium concentrates that provide readily available nutrition to hydroponic systems, soil, and soilless media alike. Available sizes range from pints and quarts to drums and bulk totes. For abundant harvests and spellbinding flavors, use each fertilizer according to the recommended dosage rate and optimal pH range. All Dr. Earth offerings are sustainable and have an array of prestigious certifications, including OMRI Listing, CDFA/OIM, and Non-GMO Project Verification.

Good to Grow: Ballasts, Coco Coir, and a 3-Part Fertilizer SystemEnroot Products Ameri-Coco

Enroot Products introduces Ameri-Coco brand-new bagged coco coir products. No coir busting required with these convenient 1.5-cubic-foot bags of expanded coir. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3: Open, pour, plant. Available in three formulas to satisfy your growing needs. Brown Pearl combines pure washed coco coir with perlite, providing maximum air porosity. With low EC, it can be used straight from the bag. Colombo Jumbo is 100 per cent pure washed coco coir, ready to add to your own blend or used straight out of the bag. It has an EC less than 0.7. Root Kandy is our buffered coir product for the lowest EC possible. Root Kandy is washed in a calcium nitrate solution, removing excess salts and guaranteeing fantastic results. The EC is less than 0.5. The pH of all coir products ranges from 5.5 to 6.5.

Good to Grow: Ballasts, Coco Coir, and a 3-Part Fertilizer SystemSun System 1 Etelligent LEC 315W Ballast

The Sun System 1 Etelligent LEC 315W Ballast is optimized for cutting-edge Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC) technology. This ballast has a thermally optimized, non-fan-cooled aluminum housing and operates on 50/60-Hz, low-frequency square wave, which makes this electronic ballast highly efficient. The Sun System 1 LEC-technology 315W ballast operates at 120V or 240V and has a rated life of 50,000 hours. It operates a 315W ceramic metal halide lamp (ANSI: C182) at 50 per cent, 60 per cent, 70 per cent, 80 per cent, 90 per cent, and 100 per cent. This ballast includes a prewired lamp cord receptacle that is compatible with all Sun System LEC-brand reflectors. The Sun System 1 LEC features controller–compatible signal ports for on/off/dimming functions, as well as an ambient thermal temperature probe.

Good to Grow: Ballasts, Coco Coir, and a 3-Part Fertilizer SystemSANlight FLEX Series

SANlight FLEX Series is specially designed for space-saving applications. With protection class IP68, this module is also waterproof. Multiple FLEX modules are daisy-chainable and easy and flexible to install. It is extremely compact in size and available in multiple lengths. Its sophisticated optics allow minimal layer spacing with maximum light distribution and homogeneity. It offers precise light guidance into the cultivation area so no photon is wasted. It also has a warm white-light color impression (standard spectrum) for comfortable working, and specialized spectra are available for selective plant growth manipulation. Typical applications include multi-layer cultivation with a minimum spacing, inter-lighting solution for high growing plants, in-vitro cultivation, growth chambers, multi-layer rooting of cuttings, additional lighting to existing luminaires and as a standard substitute for fluorescent tube applications.

Good to Grow: Ballasts, Coco Coir, and a 3-Part Fertilizer System

Revelry Supply Navajo Maroon Line

Revelry Supply, available to retailers through Hydrofarm, has just introduced a new Navajo Maroon pattern to its line of premium odor-absorbing and water-resistant luggage. All seven of Revelry Supply’s backpacks and bag designs are now available in the striking motif, alongside the original Revelry colors: black, navy blue, green, crosshatch grey, and light grey. The entire collection features Revelry Supply’s custom system of protective layers and a dual carbon filter, for odor absorption and water resistance. They’re rugged, made of top-quality materials with outstanding attention to detail, and are now also available in Navajo Maroon.