Finding the Perfect Strain of Medical Marijuana

By Jessica Ferneyhough
Published: June 1, 2016 | Last updated: April 30, 2019 06:18:23
Key Takeaways

​Jessica Ferneyhough leads us through the journey of finding the right strain for what ails you.

Identifying the perfect strain of cannabis is like brushing up against the perfect set of lips. Moments can pass in complete bliss and elevate you from whatever ails the spirit. Time becomes irrelevant as this boundless bliss encompasses you and the worries you had, just moments before, seem less urgent. The healing hits its highest point when you begin to let go and have less fear around exploring intake methods.


Deciding which intake method is right for you takes a warrior’s spirit. You must be willing to explore strains for specificity. Open up and have a little fun as you balance your CBD with your THC. Notice as your vibe becomes your guide to healing. Do you mist your medicine on your tongue as you feel the tension creeping up? Or is it the softness of a CO2 pen that you prefer? Has it been rubbed on your arthritic hands, only to feel the continuous throbbing dissipate moments after application? Or are you a parent with an epileptic child who you administer CBD oil to?

Lives are being transformed with this incredible plant as she finally showcases her healing capabilities to the world. Regardless of whether you are pro-cannabis or ignorant of its medicinal capabilities at this point, it’s helping with an expanding list of ailments and diseases daily. Cannabis assists with epilepsy, pediatrics, PTSD patients, animals, elderly, the sick, the lonely and the believers of better days to come and brighter ways to be. Embracing cannabis is about bouncing back from days of heavy sickness and pharmaceutical haze.


The dark shadows that chemical pharmaceuticals are trying to cast upon its victims are coming to an end. More people are rising up to take control of their healing path. They want legal access to it. My hope is that they are working with someone who is not only well-informed of its many benefits, but also its accessibility. If this is not the case, head to a cannabis clinic.

In my opinion, dignified access to medicinal cannabis is a human right. It has become my personal mission as a nurse and as a medicine woman to destigmatize marijuana and uplift the downtrodden with her influence. Empowering patients to work with their own medicine has boundless rewards.

Science is dancing to her magic and the vibrations are producing precise medicines. CBD eye drops for glaucoma are coming, there is CBD oil available for patients and there are cannabis creams for joints and edema. My inner child beams with delight as I find more of these forms of treatment for such common ailments.


There is no judgement from cannabis. Your endocannabinoid system is begging for it. It takes the heart of an adventurer to really enjoy this medicine, one who seeks truth and understands that our greatest healing comes from within.


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Written by Jessica Ferneyhough

Profile Picture of Jessica Ferneyhough

Jessica Ferneyhough, a registered practical nurse, brings a unique approach to care, empowering patients as a medicinal cannabis nurse and horses for healing advocate.

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