Geoflora Nutients were designed to simplify and encourage the use of dry, organic fertilizers in large scale cultivation. Geoflora Nutrient’s OMRI-Listed flagship product is a 2-part, Organic dry nutrient system that features a dustless form factor and 20 inputs which not only bolster microbial life, but also provide a full range of amino acids, micronutrients, and macro nutrients necessary for bountiful harvests and improved secondary metabolite production. Geoflora VEG contains a variety of nitrogen sources aimed at capturing diverse micronutrient profiles without burning. Geoflora BLOOM contains a reduced amount of nitrogen to supplement the transition phase while also featuring multiple phosphate sources to encourage a strong fruit and flower set. Geoflora performs exceedingly well as a standalone fertilizer system but can also be used in conjunction with your favorite additives and bloom supplements for those looking to push their product to the top of the charts.