Extracted & Concentrated Review: THC Oil

By Karen Lloyd
Published: April 19, 2023 | Last updated: April 19, 2023 11:07:38
Key Takeaways

Looking to give your everyday joint a little extra opulence? A little dab of THC oil will do.

A little brown jar with a tear drop’s worth of THC oil. That’s what you get for $20 these days.

THC oil reminds me of early Y2K and a “sketchy” friend that was always spreading it across the inside of his rolling papers. To me, it seemed very messy and complicated.

“Is that what I’m supposed to do with this cannabis extract?” I asked the budtender at my local shop, hoping he’d say I could also put a drop under my tongue. But he seemed more interested in talking to another customer than telling me how to use the stuff.

According to the interweb, basic THC oil contains many cannabis resins and terpenes. And, just as there are a variety of extraction methods, there are many ways to consume it.

Playing it safe, I dug what I could dig out of the tiny jar with a bobby pin and dabbed it onto a rolling paper, just like my friend. Trying not to spill it was actually easier than I imagined. As I dispersed the THC oil across my rolling paper, I could see and hear my grandpa telling 14-year-old me, “just say no to drugs,” and 14-year-old me saying, “obviously!” Next, I sprinkled on some weed and prayed I could roll a joint without it bursting. This seemed almost impossible when I looked at what appeared to be a soaking wet joint, like the “toilet joint’’ my friend keeps telling me about. But this one never really dried up.


Before it could break, I lit the mess, and before I knew it, everything was okay. She was smoking and tasted strong and smooth, not harsh like I’d thought. Instead, it seemed like the cigar version of a cigarette, or a glass of port versus a glass of red wine. It felt rich. Heavy, fragrant smoke hung in the air, and feelings of euphoria and relaxation melted into my body. The THC-oiled cannabis joint continued to burn slowly, so I put it out to save for another round.

A little sure goes a long way, I thought.

A couple of days later, after the oil settled in the jar, I noticed there was enough to smear across two more rolling papers and so I dug in with the same bobby pin. Sadly, both times, a lot of the THC oil stuck to my hair accessory and eventually leaked onto my rolling dish. A syringe would have made this cannabis consumption method easier.

Relatively easy to make at home, THC oil is essentially cannabis resin dissolved as a solvent, like in butane or alcohol. When the solvent evaporates, left in its place is a syrupy residue called THC oil. The physical and mental benefits of THC oil are like those associated with flowers, but its effect is much stronger. For experienced consumers with a high tolerance, like myself, THC oil is a potent treat but not feasible on the daily.

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Written by Karen Lloyd | Freelance Writer, Digital Marketing Expert

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Karen Lloyd is a freelance writer, digital marketing expert and hippy at heart in the city with a small studio, spacious deck and enormous passion for all things cannabis, urban gardening and food equity in Toronto.

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