Extracted & Concentrated Review: Live Hash Rosin from Gastown

By Billy Bishop
Published: October 15, 2021 | Last updated: October 15, 2021 09:07:24
Key Takeaways

Even for dabbing veterans, it’s still possible to have your mind blown. And Gastown’s live hash rosin is a concentrate that covers all the bases for a top-shelf artisanal product.

I’ll admit it. I counted myself among the initiated. I considered myself to be a worldly fellow when it came to extracts and concentrates. After all, I have been an early adopter of everything from vaping and dabbing to terp sauce and live resin. I’ve even been pressing my own flower rosin for more than two years. I have been fortunate enough to have a lot of access to all of these things early in their history, so I assumed I was a crusty veteran of the concentrates scene.


But when I tried some live hash rosin samples from Gastown … let me tell you… I was like a giddy little schoolgirl. This is the single-most outstanding concentrate I have ever consumed. And the other varieties I sampled were no slouches either (huge thanks and shout out to Green Cedar Retreat and @gastownfire). Both other live hash rosin varieties I sampled, Papaya Beltz and Chocolate Chip Mint, were mind blowing as well. Literally and figuratively.

First of all, the aroma profiles were off the charts. As they warmed to room temperature (I keep my rosin in the fridge) the smells coming off them quite literally made my mouth water. There is a lot of talk of how concentrates best capture the terpene profile of a cannabis plant, but this was the finest example of full-spectrum terpenes on display I have ever smelled. It was very front-of-nose, complex and heavy on the pinene… and yet somehow sweet and reminiscent of vanilla flowers. Ice Cream Cake, Papaya Beltz, and Chocolate Chip Mint are incredibly appropriate name for these live hash rosin products. I wanted to eat them up right there and then!


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Once I geared up for a dab, I discovered the consistency of all three rosins was everything you could ask for. It was creamy and smooth yet still solid and buttery. Unlike flower rosin and most concentrates, it wasn’t the slightest bit sticky or messy. It was simply a pleasure to scoop and dab. And it was such a clean burn that it left very little residue or blackening in the banger. All of the samples got sampled ‘til there were no more samples to sample. Sigh. They went far too quickly for this greedy dabber.

The vapor itself was exceedingly smooth, allowing for big, cough-free dabs. All in all, a very physically pleasant vapor. And the flavor? Off the charts my friend. All three varieties I sampled had the most complex and satisfying flavor profiles I have ever encountered.


Words cannot do justice to the symphony that the aroma and flavor made when experienced together. It’s a 12 out of 10 experience.

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Ice cream cake won the aroma battle but the fruity, floral back notes of Papaya Beltz were a nice contrast to the sweet, dark chocolate, pinene earthiness of the Chocolate Chip Mint. Once dabbed, these each had a flavor profile that complimented their aromas. Well-named strains indeed. They all vaped smooth and substantial on the tongue and palette. They were each flavor-forward in their separate ways with lots of sweetness and vanilla notes on the front end, and earthy pinene on the back end. Ice cream cake had the strongest profile in every way. With huge aroma, huge flavor and huge, cerebral high, Ice Cream Cake is my favorite concentrate ever. I consider it the biggest taste I have ever tasted in a tasty concentrate.

This live hash rosin from Gastown has opened my eyes to how every day can bring something new in the extract and concentrates world. Live hash rosin is now at the very top of my list of preferred concentrates and you can count on me to seek out more products from the gang at Gastown and Green Cedar Retreat.


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Written by Billy Bishop

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Billy Bishop is a writer, designer, and cannabis industry consultant from the west coast of Canada. He has a life long passion for cannabis both as a recreational and as a medicinal user.

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