Extracted & Concentrated Review: Fritz's Gummies

By Karen Lloyd
Published: June 24, 2022
Key Takeaways

It takes two to tango but four to get high as Karen Lloyd discovered with Fritz's gummies.

I’d been putting off purchasing government edibles (fedibles?) because I make my own and they’re pretty sweet.


The Fed's impossible limitations on how much THC licensed producers in Canada can sell in edibles are bad for the evolution of cannabis 2.0. That’s just my opinion. Did I ever tell you what I figured 10mg of cannabis to be? About a puff of a joint.

And poof like that, for roughly $20, I picked two pretty peach-colored packages by Fritz's out of a pile of edible packages at my local pot shop. Each package contained two mango flavored gummies with exotic sounding hash rosin. I wondered if the name ‘It Takes Two to Tango’ was perhaps, alongside the government’s required ‘start low, go low’ messaging, a cheeky way to say start with two.


According to the company’s website, they chose the mango flavor to feature the taste of the hash rosin, as it “effortlessly draws attention to the naturally occurring flavors of the terpenes in the original cultivar.”

Made with a combination of gelatin and various sugars, including some sorbitol, the gummies were pleasant tasting, tangy, and squishy, like Lifesavers Gummies. I tried to make each one last but, like with any candy, couldn’t resist destroying each one after a few seconds.

About 20 minutes later, I felt a mild buzz come on. It crept upwards to massage my temples and give my back a little rub. They relaxed me enough, I thought, to call the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) and figure out why they revoked my access to their antiquated system. It turned out to be a pleasurable experience and eventually a success, despite several failed attempts to log back in. Fritz's whispered, “Keep going,” when I felt like giving up (and hanging up).


Unlike the CRA, Fritz's uses an un-automated process to focus on quality assurance.

The company currently creates small batches of gummies with recipes that have been developed and perfected over the last five years. Located in Toronto, Fritz's is a legacy market brand and has grown a name for its exceptional edibles. I hope Health Canada can soon realize their THC limitations could mar the positions of some of these businesses despite their hard word to make outstanding products. Until then, it’ll take Two to Mango and four (or more) to get high.


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Written by Karen Lloyd | Freelance Writer, Digital Marketing Expert

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Karen Lloyd is a freelance writer, digital marketing expert and hippy at heart in the city with a small studio, spacious deck and enormous passion for all things cannabis, urban gardening and food equity in Toronto.

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