Exploring Cannabis in the Bedroom

By Kasey Craig
Published: June 17, 2022
Key Takeaways

Studies show that cannabis can take your sex life to another level. Sex and cannabis writer Kasey Craig explains how all of your hard work in the growroom can pay off in the bedroom.

Have you ever thought cannabis could be an aphrodisiac? Or wondered why you get turned on so easily when you’re high? Me too, bud. After a little thinking… and smoking, plus a little research, I came up with creative ways to incorporate THC in the bedroom.


Whether you play solo, in a duet, or have a whole band, you’ll find this information likely to spice up your sex life.

Exploring our sense of pleasure comes easier after smoking on the trees, but what else can we do to spice things up with cannabis in the bedroom? Let me tell you all about it!


Should You Bring Weed into the Bedroom?

a woman clutching bed sheetsMost experts recommend you start low and go slow to find your right dosage when bringing cannabis into the bedroom. But if you’re an expert cannabis user then my suggestion is to ride or get rode while you smoke. Yes, at the same time.

While cannabis isn’t specifically an aphrodisiac, it certainly has characteristics that increase the pleasure of sex. For example, cannabis can give you an elevated mood, make you feel euphoric, increase blood flow, and increase your sensitivity. The increased blood flow could be the reason for getting turned on easily, but there isn’t specific research to support that hypothesis.

You don’t have to get super blazed to enjoy the benefits of euphoria during sex. Sometimes a few puffs are just right to get to the Big O.


What Cannabis Products Should I Add to the Nightstand?

Whether you put cannabis in the drawer of the nightstand, or it sits on top for decoration, it’s the most important product to have.

But, beyond that, cannabis products include things as simple as hemp candles to as unique as THC suppositories. Spicing things up is simple with online shopping and cannabis delivery services readily available.


Melted Chocolate is Better When it’s an Edible

I thought of the sexiest way to use edibles and I’m going to share it with you. I suggest using a small-dose chocolate bar to melt — we know edibles can be powerful. Also, it’s important to remember that this is a food item, not a lubricant. Once you have the chocolate melted and warm, gently pour some on yourself or your partner in a spot like a chest, back, or neck. Let’s face it, melted chocolate is sexier when it’s Mary Jane.

Hemp Candles

a couple in bed with burning candlesYou might already have a hemp candle on your nightstand. A hemp candle can add an ambiance that gets noticed, especially by women. If you don’t already have a hemp candle, you need one. Some hemp candles can even be used as a massage oil. The oil can be rubbed onto yourself, or your partner(s), and the candles come in different scents.

The hemp seed massage candles are great because you can light them before you smoke and relax to the aromatherapy benefits while enjoying the massage. These candles help banish stress and the warmth is calming on your skin.

Are THC or Hemp Lubricants Worth it?

If you’ve recently gone into a sex shop you may have noticed the THC- or CBD-infused lubricants that potentially improve orgasms.

Both cannabis and CBD increase blood flow, which can mean more blood flow to the clitoris, increasing the lubrication of the vagina and the intensity of your orgasms.

Since CBD and THC are fat-soluble, using carrier oil improves bioavailability. In other words, the oil in the lubricant helps your body absorb CBD or THC. Since the lubricant isn’t ingested, there are no psychoactive effects. Whether you choose to use cannabis-infused lubricants for relaxation or increased blood flow, it’s certainly worth implementing in your naughty drawer.

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How Can Marijuana or CBD Suppositories Help You in the Bedroom?

CBD suppositories are growing in popularity, especially with vagina owners. CBD suppositories can be inserted into the anus or the vagina for several reasons. Some CBD suppositories do have THC, but it’s not added to get you high, but instead to increase the effects of the CBD.

CBD suppositories can be beneficial for women experiencing vaginal dryness due to menopause. Also, the vaginal THC suppositories could be beneficial for women who experience cramping during menstruation.

You may want to try anal or vaginal THC suppositories just for increased pleasure. Spice things up and let your partner insert your suppository while they insert yours.

Some products are meant only for vaginal use while others are meant only for anal use, be sure to read the label.

If you’re too dry for the suppository to be inserted, consider using a dab of THC lubricant to promote a smooth glide.

Suppositories will take about 20 minutes to be fully absorbed into the body. If you plan on penetration consider using hemp candle massage oil while you wait for the suppository to become effective.

Does Cannabis Increase Sexual Pleasure?

a couple about to share a kiss with cannabis smoke in their mouthsThe National Institutes of Health ran a study that concluded marijuana does improve satisfaction with orgasm in women and could help lead to developmental treatments for female sexual dysfunction.

A similar study done by the National Library of Medicine shows cannabis helps some men to relax, increases sensitivity, or hyper focus. On the contrary, some men felt the cannabis use had no effect or made them more sleepy than horny. Choosing to use cannabis in the bedroom is a personal decision; sometimes you may only want a candle, and other times you want to eat the chocolate off your partner’s body.

No matter what, it’s important to establish consent before getting zooted and be sure to have fun.

The After Sex Smoke Sesh

Whether you enjoy time with yourself or your partner(s), an after-sex sesh is a great way to wrap up an intimate rendezvous. Post-morning sex you may find yourself with a classic morning bong rip. Or, at night you may snack on a sweet edible before climbing into bed to get snuggly.

If you and your partner both enjoy cannabis, an after-sex cannabis sesh may be necessary. Smoke two joints before you smoke two joints and then smoke two more.

Somewhere between two and joints enjoy some hanky panky, smokey pokey.


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Written by Kasey Craig | Senior Content Writer at MedicareFAQ

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Kasey Craig is a Senior Content Writer at MedicareFAQ. She has a wealth of knowledge on the topics of alternative medicine, insurance, travel, money, saving and more. She is working towards getting her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of South Florida. Kasey is passionate about her writing and it reflects through her content.

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