The science applied to marijuana cultivation means you can choose exactly what you want out of a high. So, a place to start is to ask yourself what makes sex good for you. For most of us, touch is key. Weed that causes a yummy, lovely body high is a good place to start. An open heart also helps. A strain that guarantees a happy, mellow, accepting feeling will create an enhanced experience. However, there are some things to be mindful of:


This is the worst-case scenario. If you are inclined to feeling paranoid or like to be in control, choose your strain carefully.


Having a nice sleep after a good shag is a wonderful thing. Weed can help with that, especially if you have trouble sleeping to begin with. However, you don’t want to feel drowsy immediately, or doze off in the middle of the action.


As everyone knows, overeating is one of the quickest ways to kill your libido. Hence Dan Savage’s whole “fuck first” movement.

Body Numbness

This is a not-so-common pitfall, but it is out there. If the strain of cannabis you’ve chosen causes a serious mental high, but leaves the body out of it, you may find it hard to feel much of anything at all.

Armed with this knowledge, my husband and I decided to try it out. For us, it was wonderful. We have a healthy sex life, but we found that getting high first made us feel more connected. It made us slow down and take our time in a way we hadn’t in a while, and it spurred us to try new things. The world melted away and it was easy to simply stay in the moment and enjoy each other.

Touch was definitely enhanced for me. My first orgasm was loud and massive, and seemed to last for a long time. I think it was simply slowed down the way cannabis slows everything down. It was also easier to have multiples. I don’t know if this was because of the enhanced touch or simply because we put more effort into it, and we were both dealing with the same deck of cards.

My husband reported he didn’t feel enhanced touch sensations, but he enjoyed himself immensely, partly because it was something out-of-our-quite-colorful-ordinary, and partly because it went on for a long time.

One of the key things we did that ensured a considerable body high for me was we ate it. This adds a level of complexity to the experience because you have less control over your dose. But for most people, it’s a nicer high. It also eliminates any coughing and that oh-so-lovely cotton mouth. If you don’t use a lot of pot, talk to someone who knows what they are doing about eating safely and happily.

In conclusion, if it’s something you’ve always wondered about, it’s worth trying. Simply spending time so connected to your physical self and your partner is wonderful.