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This section includes various free downloads, including whitepapers, reports, presentation slides, and other valuable resources to educate growers.
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Image for The Indoor Grow Guide for  Calculating CO2  Supplementation
Easily calculate the ideal carbon dioxide levels for your growroom or greenhouse and maximize your yield with CO2Meter's CO2 calculator.
Image for The Ultimate Cannabis Marketing Rulebook Download
If you're looking to light up your marketing for your cannabis business, then The Ultimate Cannabis Marketing Rulebook is your go-to guide!
Image for 10 Do’s  & Don’ts  For Your Grow Room
Check out Pipp Horticulture's Top 10 Do’s & Don’ts for Your Grow Room eBook for everything you need to know about building the ultimate grow facility!
Image for 7 Tips for Using High-Intensity LEDs
In FOHSE's Masterclass they take a deeper dive on how your facility can better utilize LEDs beyond just a plug-and-play system.
Image for Selecting Extraction Techniques & SKUs for Maximizing Output
In this white paper, Agrify will give your business the tools to make informed decisions about which types of SKUs are best.
Image for 6 Pros and Cons of Vertical Farming
Converting to a vertical farm can provide a higher level of production capacity with a smaller overall footprint and more efficient workflows.
Image for Post-Harvest-Care
Have you ever seen a beautiful cannabis crop in the grow, but the processed flower doesn’t look, smell, or feel like it did before harvest? Maybe it is a shaved version...
Image for 6 Reasons LED Crushes HPS & Metal Halide
Here are 6 reasons the right LED lighting systems crush HID lights every day of the week.
Image for Free eBook: Understanding Indoor Agriculture and CO2
In the following pages, CO2Meter will highlight the history of indoor agriculture, plant physiology, and the mastery of carbon dioxide.
Image for What to Know Before You Grow Up!
Are you considering making the switch to vertical farming? Here are the top things to consider before you grow UP!
Image for Fohse_LED-Myths-Busted
FOHSE has compiled several myths we have heard many times in order to provide cultivators in our industry with the right information they need to get growing.
Image for 7 Misconceptions about LED Lights
Because the technology is relatively new, rumors and hearsay surround LED grow lights wherever they are implemented.
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