Dosing Your Dabs: Start Low, Go Slow

By Kasey Craig
Published: August 31, 2022 | Last updated: August 31, 2022 09:18:21
Key Takeaways

With any cannabis, especially dabs, you want to start with low doses and slowly increase them.

Since dabs are high concentrations of THC, having control over your dose is key. Dabbing can involve wax, crumble, shatter, or hash oil. A small amount of this concentration will provide extremely strong effects.


If you don’t already know how to dab, that’s something you should look into especially if you’ve developed a high tolerance for cannabis. Once you’ve figured out how to work your dab rig and torch, it’s time to measure your dosage.

But how big of a dab do you take?


How to Find the Perfect-Sized Dab

How to Find the Perfect-Sized DabFinding the perfect-sized dab is going to take some time, some trial and error, and maybe even a few failed attempts if you’re a novice dabber.

Dispensaries have made things a little easier for us by having potency labels on our cannabis goods. Dab concentrates range from 60 percent to more than 90 percent in THC or CBD.

The labeling is important because it helps us understand a dab with a higher concentration like 90 percent would likely need to be smaller than a smaller concentrated dab. Everyone handles this high concentration of cannabis differently, so my dab dose is likely to be different than your dab dose.


How to Determine the Dosage of Your Dab

How to Determine the Dosage of Your DabTo determine the dosage of your dab, you’ll need to find out the potency of your cannabis extract. For example, if you have a gram of wax that is 70 percent THC, you can determine that contains 700mg of THC. Of course, you’re not going to do that much, so you need to portion out smaller amounts.

When you split the wax into 10 equal parts you still have 700mg worth of THC, which is going to be way too much for most users. Think about how edibles are approximately 10-25mg each.


Now, if you split your gram up into 20 or 30 equal parts, you could have 20mg of THC in each dab. If you want fewer than that to start with, consider buying a lower concentration of THC, like 60 percent instead of 70 percent THC.

Finding the right amount of cannabis for yourself can seem tricky at first. By taking a single hit of a measured dab and waiting a few minutes, you will find the perfect dose of dab for yourself.

How Big Should a Dab Portion Be

How Big Should a Dab Portion BeA dab can be as small or as big as you need it to be. For example, a dab could be the size of a ballpoint pen, a peppercorn, or half a corn kernel. Just depends on your tolerance.

It’s suggested that you take smaller hits of weaker concentrations before upping your dose because of the potency of dabs.

What to do if Your Dabs are Too Strong

Hit your dab rig too hard? Forget to measure your dose and now you’re too high? No problem! Happens to me, too. When your dabs are too strong, there are some things you can do.

What to do if Your Dabs are Too StrongIf your dabs are too strong, consider doing one or all of these:

  • Choose a dab with a lower concentration of THC
  • Take smaller amounts of concentrate
  • Consider alternatives to dabbing
  • Drink water and take deep breaths
  • Try lower temperature dabs

Dabbing might not be for everyone. If you continue to get too high from dabbing, consider switching to vapes, joints, or edibles. Cannabis is meant to be enjoyed, knowing your dose can help you have a good time.

How to Dose Your Dabs: Start Low and Go Slow

Any marijuana dispensary or marijuana doctor is going to tell you to start with a small dab, see how you feel, and wait a while before jumping into another dab.

You must go slow so you can identify the perfect-sized dab for you. And, if you ever get too high be sure to drink lots of water and eat some snacks.

Dabbing provides users with some of the strongest effects. Make sure you know how potent the concentrate is before sectioning your dabs and enjoy dabbing.


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Written by Kasey Craig | Senior Content Writer at MedicareFAQ

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