Dispensary Profile: Queens of Cannabis T.O.

By Jessica Ferneyhough
Published: January 3, 2017 | Last updated: December 8, 2021
Key Takeaways

Providing healthy, soothing cannabis solutions to medical conditions, time spent at Queens of Cannabis is like easy country living in the heart of Toronto. Jessica Ferneyhough takes us on an intimate tour of the wellness dispensary and explains why owners Brandy and Tania are so motivated to make you feel better.

Medicine woman who get up, show up and stand up for the rights of their citizens to dignified access to cannabis as medicine, the Queens of Cannabis, located at 848 Bloor St. W, Toronto, ON, right in the heart of Bloor Court, have always kept their standards high. It is the ones on the front line who challenge the norm and refuse to comply that make change. Holistic cannabis in a wellness dispensary.


As a cannabis nurse, it’s reassuring to know where to send your patients who need medicine the same day and want the human-to-human contact with impeccable flower selection. Maybe they need oil, or a CO2 pen and some topicals because they have a throbbing headache. Perhaps their menstruation pain and endometriosis has kept them from leaving their bedroom for days and they need a yoni plug made from cannabis infused coconut oil and frankincense. Do you suffer from constipation? Don’t be shy, bowel management is key. The Queens have a solution with a natural back door slid (a.k.a. cannabis suppository) from Freedom’s line.

Once you have aligned with your medicine of choice, book an energetic treatment and lounge on the couch to read about cannabis with your dog. Every time I go, it feels like country comfort in the middle of the Big Smoke.


Founders Brandy and Tania met and connected because they both live with chronic pain and had discovered cannabis to treat their symptoms. Brandy has been suffering from chronic pain since 2005, and has tried handfuls of ineffective pharmaceutical cocktails that burnt her stomach lining leaving her in worse condition than when she first went to the doctor. She found cannabis to be the only effective medication for chronic pain in 2013 and has never looked back. “My lifestyle has improved drastically since I allowed myself to ignore the stigma associated with cannabis. Now I live my life, rather than living a life where pain is running it,” she says.

Tania’s experience within the cannabis industry began after becoming an MMAR patient in 2009. As a chemist and consultant for medical cannabis labs, Tania has a wide variety of expertise. She began baking edibles for other patients who were suffering with chronic pain and illnesses. Edibles are equivalent in effect to tinctures and edible oils, which are a valuable tool for most ailments, and are appealing to the pallet (which helps ingestion of medication for those who struggle with appetite for health reasons).

Health care practitioners encourage ingestion over combustion so having edibles available is essential to patient care. Patients are encouraged to try edibles before smoking for most ailments. These women only staff the most versed female tenders. When you leave you will leave feeling recharged, knowing that your purchase power is your voice. With a paper bag of medicines and a heart full of community, you will be thankful you went in.


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Written by Jessica Ferneyhough

Profile Picture of Jessica Ferneyhough

Jessica Ferneyhough, a registered practical nurse, brings a unique approach to care, empowering patients as a medicinal cannabis nurse and horses for healing advocate.

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