Last Updated: March 8, 2019

Definition - What does Pistil mean?

The pistil is the female reproductive parts located in the center of a flower. It rises on a stalk called the style and typically consists of the ovary, which contains the potential future seeds and a swollen base, and a pollen-receptive tip or stigma that is often sticky. The pistil is essential to the plant's reproduction.

MaximumYield explains Pistil

A plant may contain a single pistil (as in the lily) or several pistils (as in the buttercup).

A pistil consists of one or several rolled structures called carpels. The carpel is a seed-bearing leaf. A pistil may have one simple carpel as in the sweet pea or a plant may have a compound pistil composed of two or more carpels.

Bees and other insects carry pollen they’ve gathered from one flower to another and facilitate fertilization when the pollen adheres to the pistil.

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