Last updated: November 17, 2021

What Does Aspect Mean?

An aspect is the geographical compass direction and/or sun exposure of a specific space.

Aspect can influence the temperature of a particular location. A northern aspect is cooler than one with a southern aspect. An eastern aspect is sometimes considered more favorable than a western.

A compass is frequently used to determine the aspect of an area. The aspect is sometimes considered when laying out or planning the location and orientation of a garden or greenhouse.


Maximum Yield Explains Aspect

The aspect of an area can also have an effect on soil conditions. A strong slope can be higher in organic matter than light slopes where wind can blow away valuable top soil and organic matter.

A garden should receive the most light and favorable growing conditions possible, so in most cases a horticulturalist would prefer to lay out a garden with a southern aspect. In southern climates an eastern aspect may be more favorable. To maximize growing conditions, a horticulturalist should be careful to not plant a garden or build a greenhouse with a north or northwest aspect.


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