Anvil Pruner

What Does Anvil Pruner Mean?

An anvil pruner refers to a pruning tool which traps branches and plants between an anvil-shaped metal and a very sharp blade. Unlike traditional pruning shears, these pruners do not deliver a smooth cut but crush the branch between its sides instead.

Compared to other pruners such as bypass ones, anvils only have one single cutting blade.


Maximum Yield Explains Anvil Pruner

In terms of operation, anvil pruners tend to display the same motions engaged when using a knife across a cutting board. Because of their efficiency, they are commonly used to remove and trim dead wood. However, these pruners are not really recommended to amateur gardeners because they are heavier than regular ones. As a result, it can be difficult for inexperienced gardeners to get a close crotch cut.

On the other hand, pruners with an anvil design have also been known to reduce hand fatigue, making them ideal for professional planters. Similarly, these pruners are aptly designed for small and larger hands alike.


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