Dry Well

What Does Dry Well Mean?

Composed mainly of perforated pipes, dry wells refer to underground structures that can help dissipate runoff water in gardens. These types of wells have also been shown to filter toxic chemicals that could potentially harm the plants by redirecting any runoff into a gravel-lined pit. A dry well can come in extremely handy in areas that are prone to flooding.


Maximum Yield Explains Dry Well

According to gardeners, the size of dry well systems should systematically depend on soil porosity and the amount of water that normally gathers in the garden. For example, clay soils do not drain water as quickly as sandy soils, so it is important to properly determine the well’s size prior to digging. A too-small well will not contribute to a proper draining system.

Aesthetically-speaking, dry wells can be covered with flowers and various plants to shield them from view. In some cases, dry wells may not create a sufficient draining system and you will probably have to resort to an additional exterior pump system to ensure that your plants are not overly-exposed to water.


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