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What Does Node Mean?

A node is the part of a plant stem where the flowers, branches, and leaves first start to grow. Many growers refer to nodes as the growth tips of the plant’s stem.

Nodes can hold several leaves and buds that have the capacity of growing and spreading into branches. In some plants, the nodes can additionally produce adventitious roots.

Between the nodes are the plant’s internodes.

Nodes of a cannabis plant stem.Nodes of a cannabis plant stem.


Maximum Yield Explains Node

Nodes are commonly identified by a mild thickening and knob-shaped surface across the stem. In trees or woody plants, nodes are also characterized by a scar left behind by a withering leaf. Plants that have hollow stems often display tougher and more solid nodes. These include, but are not limited to, bamboos, hydrangeas, and forsythia, among others.

Growers will often prune plants to manipulate growth by cutting the plant at specific nodes; this encourages dormant buds to grow and allows cultivators to control where new branches will develop. Some plants require pruning keep the nodes healthy and encourage the production of new buds, stems, and roots. Ideally, plants should have several large nodes before any kind of pruning is done. When pruning, it is advisable to trim above the node to According to horticulturalists, pruning below the node carries risk of plant-borne diseases or even rotting.

A plant's health can also be judged by looking at the spacing of the nodes and the size. Long nodes indicate that the plant is not receiving adequate light and is stretching in an effort to reach more light. Long nodes can cause weak growth. Nodes that grow too long or short also might indicate that the plant is experiencing too great of a temperature change at night/day.

Nodes are also quite important when it comes to propagation. This is applicable to both herbaceous and woody plants.


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