Induction Grow Lamp

Definition - What does Induction Grow Lamp mean?

An induction grow lamp system uses a light generation technology that combines the basic principles of induction and gas discharge. Void of electrodes, this technology is long-lasting, delivering a lighting spectrum that is similar to natural sunlight.

MaximumYield explains Induction Grow Lamp

An induction grow lamp efficiently produces light that is very similar to natural lighting in its intensity and ultraviolet light produced. These lamps are a popular form of artificial grow lights for indoor farming and hydroponic growing because they can be used for vegetative growth with good results.

In an induction grow light, induction or electromagnetic fields are used to transfer power instead of an electrical connection or electrodes. The result is a longer-lasting and more efficient system.

Induction fluorescents are similar to T5 fluorescents, but their spectral output does not degrade over time. They have been known to last 15 years or more, with some growers getting 100,000 hours out of their systems.

Induction grow lamps produce uniform light energy over the span of the fixture and have a low heat signature. One disadvantage with using induction lighting fixtures is their initial cost, but for serious growers, they are worth considering.

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