Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Mulch Mean?

Mulch is a landscape covering of organic matter such as leaves or shredded bark, or inorganic matter such as stones, that is used for weed control, to enrich the soil, or as a decorative covering.

Mulch is used in landscaping to finish off a planting bed. For gardening purposes, some plants such as raspberries can require a mulch of shredded leaves or straw.


Maximum Yield Explains Mulch

Mulch can be almost any organic matter, but most often it is shredded bark, pine straw, leaves, or cocoa beans, and is used to enhance the finished landscape.

Mulch can also be made from recycled pallets that are shredded. Often this form of mulch is artificially colored, offering a variety of choices for landscape use.

Pine straw makes beautiful mulch, but is very acidic and should not be used for plants that are sensitive to a lower pH. Pine straw is sometimes used in large hosta beds to enrich the soil for acid-loving fruits such as blueberries.


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