Soilless Growing

Last Updated: September 27, 2018

Definition - What does Soilless Growing mean?

A subset of hydroculture, soilless growing refers to the process of growing trees, flowers, vegetables, and other plants without using soil. Instead, gardeners opt for a water solution containing minerals and nutrients. Several other methods can also be used for soilless growing, and in most cases, these techniques offer important benefits for the environment.

MaximumYield explains Soilless Growing

In most cases, soilless mixes contain organic elements such as inert minerals and peat. Depending on the quality of the product, most potting mixes encourage maximum aeration and root exposure to the nutrients. Soilless growing has been shown to boost root hair growth, which again absorbs more nutrients. Because the plants are encouraged to grow without dirt, they are also protected from earthworms and other such pests.

When using soilless mixes, it is advisable to add some moisture to the mix before scooping it into holding containers. The pots should also be thoroughly watered after the seeds are planted. Additionally, it is recommended to fertilize the pots 14 to 20 days after planting. Alternatively, gardeners can add some slow-release fertilizer directly to the soilless mix during planting.

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