Indoor Gardening

Last updated: December 23, 2018

What Does Indoor Gardening Mean?

Indoor gardening is nothing more than the act of growing plants indoors. This might be at a residential home, within a business location like an office building or restaurant, or any other enclosed area. There are multiple types of indoor gardening, including container gardening, hydroponic gardening, controlled environment agriculture, vertical farms, and more.


Maximum Yield Explains Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening is a technique used to grow plants indoors. This might be for decorative purposes, such as the trees and flowers sometimes seen in shopping malls, or the trailing vines sometimes used in restaurants to provide a sense of serenity and privacy. Even office buildings can be used for indoor gardening, and the beneficial impact that growing plants has on indoor air quality has long been proven.

In many instances, indoor gardening refers specifically to the growing of vegetables or herbs inside an enclosed structure, most often a residential home. This might be done to prolong a shorter growing season, to get a head start on the growing season before the last frost of the year, or to grow delicate plants in an area not suited to them.

One of the simplest forms of indoor gardening is container gardening. In this situation, any container capable of holding soil, moisture, and plants can be used. Pots are the most common, but homesteaders and those looking to upcycle waste may use anything from cardboard egg cartons to coffee cans.

Another example of indoor gardening is hydroponic gardening. Hydroponic gardening uses no soil at all. Instead, it relies on growing plants in water (usually attached to a floating substrate), and the use of additives to provide the nutrients that would come from soil if the plants were grown outdoors.

Indoor gardening can be small in scale and done by the average homeowner, or it can be industrial in scale and occur in massive greenhouses. Keep in mind that, whether it takes place indoors or outdoors, all methods of gardening require access to clean water, a source of light, and a way to support plants as they grow.


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