Feed Conversion Ratio

What Does Feed Conversion Ratio Mean?

Feed conversion ratio is the ratio of measuring the efficiency with which the bodies of livestock convert fodder into the desired output. The feed conversion ratio is calculated by dividing the mass of input by the mass of output. This concept is important to understand while producing livestock feed and while managing aquaponics gardens.


Maximum Yield Explains Feed Conversion Ratio

The feed conversion ratio is the ratio of the mass of input by the mass of the output, is unit less value. The technique has been efficient in farms, especially while dealing with cattle. For dairy cows, the desired output is the milk produced, while for cows raised for meat, the output is the amount of flesh produced. Animals that have a low feed conversion ratio are considered to be efficient users of feed.

This type of technique is commonly used in all types of farming and is a great way to find out how efficient feed or feeding strategy is.


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