Automated Gardening System

Last updated: January 26, 2019

What Does Automated Gardening System Mean?

An automated gardening system refers to a garden where all aspects of gardening are automated. The most common component element of gardening that becomes automated is watering – drip irrigation is a prime example. However, other elements in today's modern garden can also be automated, including humidity control, lighting, temperatures, fertilizer applications, and more.

Indoor gardens have a significant number of unique requirements not present with outdoor growing, and automation technology can ensure a healthier habitat for growing plants. The term 'automated gardening system' is used frequently as a marketing term by manufacturers of growroom automation equipment to help express the extent of the features their equipment provides.


Maximum Yield Explains Automated Gardening System

Gardeners must take a great many steps to care for their plants. They need to ensure that adequate water is supplied at all times. They must make sure that the soil provides sufficient nutrients for healthy growth. In some instances, gardeners must even make sure that plants have adequate light for growth. All of these requirements take time and effort, but an automated gardening system can reduce the amount of time and labor needed.

Automated gardening systems can be simple or complex. Perhaps the most basic example would be using a drip irrigation system in an outdoor garden to eliminate manual watering or moving a sprinkler from one area of the garden to another. The gardener simply turns on the system and walks away, turning it off when enough time has passed.

However, this is a very simplistic example. More complex automated gardening systems exist, particularly those designed for indoor growing applications.

Some examples of automation at work within an indoor gardening application, whether it’s a true greenhouse, or a dedicated grow room within a residential home, include:

  • Humidity Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Nutrition/Water Control
  • Lighting Control

Depending on the budget and the necessary complexity, these systems can be turned on or off manually, or combined with systems and software to create a truly automated, hands-off gardening system. However, costs increase in direct correlation to the complexity of such automated gardening systems.


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